Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016.

Greetings all, I do hope you managed to spend time with those you love.  It is so very special when all of those near and dear can gather under one roof.

We have had an active year traveling and I must admit there has been very little focus on my miniature world.  I had more enthusiasm for decorating my mini house than our Real life home. I was soon cured of that disinterest when we looked after three of the four grandchildren for the week prior to Christmas eve. Their enthusiasm and ideas were refreshing and I now know how to attach dinky-type toy cars and Shopkins accessories to decorate a tree.

Meanwhile in the French House Boxing Day has arrived - the good china has been hand-washed and the silver is ready to stored for another celebration.

Already the tree and wreaths seem to have lost their lustre.

and the house has become some what disarrayed in the aftermath.

 A friend has arrived unexpectedly bearing a gift of summer sunshine in the form of a jar of preserved Anjou pears.

A lovely visit to reminisce over coffee and to share some Christmas baking.

 The shortest day has passed and the dark brief days will begin to expand into Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Soon the bright lights of Christmas will dim to be replaced by the optimism and hope for a healthy, happy and safe 2017 for all.

Best wishes and regards,

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