Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Merry - One and All!

The clocks are chiming 12:00, it is officially Christmas 2013 in Vancouver.  The house is decorated, the fridge is stocked with all the flavours memories require for our own traditions. Egg nog does not cross the threshold,  hot apple cider is the beverage of choice as is lamb roast instead of turkey. Pavlova or plum pudding, Christmas cake and shortbread are the must cook sweet choices for this holiday. 

A parcel has been delivered while everyone is out carolling.

All is quiet.

Come in, welcome, the fire is lit and thankfully once more our children, their loved ones and our grandchildren are safe together under our roof. Truly a gift of Christmas that is most treasured.

We hope that your loved ones are with you.

Merry, merry one and all.

With warm regards.

Janine and Bruce

Sunrise December 24, Christmas Eve

Ice and snow on Boundary Bay, British Columbia and view of Mount Baker.

Sunrise from our house, across the ice  to Mount Baker.