Monday, December 12, 2011

Working with the roof section off we have glued the stairs into place in the two-level entry:

This has been a bit of a challenge. The wooden stairwell has been marbled.
The hand rail made from electrical sheathing from the hardware store. Bamboo skewers create the spindles and brass beads create dimension.
I decided I wanted to use the space under the stairwell so I spray mounted more wallpaper to card stock then
cut the shapes of the steps into this to create a curved wall. I glued the false wall on to the stairwell then
installed the stairs.
Fancy unnecessarily exposing myself to a craft store when I went to pick up card stock. I tried to wear blinkers
and go directly to the department I needed ..... I was almost successful!
You may not even be able to see this curved wall in the photographs but it will eventually have a mirror on it to
reflect the opposite wall.

I love the wallpaper. It is full scale wallpaper not miniature - a grape cluster pattern, very subdued, but so
perfect for the large entry. The stairwell must be finished before I can put the roof into place. Perhaps it
would be better if it could be removable..... something else to think about. No! thought about it and it would
not work so you can see in the photos it has been glued and held in place with clamps till it dried properly.

There are a lot of lights in the wall. To create sconces over the lights, I cut a small cow-bell xmas decorations
in half and glued braid around the top edge. Yet to glue a small decorative circle at the base to finish.
Today's work is done because of or despite my small assistants.

Any questions? I would be happy to answer.
Thanks Janine

Stairwell through the empty dining room.
Looking down into entry - Empire bedroom on left
Down into entry.
Doorway into bathroom on upper level. Lower level into living room. Can you see wallpaper better?
Mini Helpers looking into kitchen - 2 & 5 years old.



  1. Hi and welcome back :)
    Tried to post a comment yesterday...without luck...trying again:
    The house looks great, and the stair is unbelievable!! Looks great but complicated.

  2. Good Morning Everyone, I am sorry I have a little glitch in posting. Not sure yet how to resolve it. When I preview the text it is complete but when posted narrows down and cuts off the text.
    I am sure it is something I did inadvertently so will try and resolve before the next post.
    Thank you for your comments. Nice to have some feedback.
    regards Janine

  3. I'm very impressed with your staircase and the overhead photos. It's very grand!

  4. The curve on the staircase is beautiful! I also love the view from above.
    Yes some of the text is missing, but the photos make up for that. Such pretty brown eyes looking into the kitchen!

  5. You did a grea job ! Bravo !!!
    Love the pictures as well, the bird view and of course the children looking thru the window :)