Thursday, July 15, 2010


Dear All, A bit of excitement here in Vancouver. We have sold our house & have to move by August 23. We have bought a cottage about 45 minutes south of the city..... trauma, now we have taken possession it is so much smaller than we recall. What have we done!!

Back to Mini.... it has already been packed away! Again!!

The attic space from right to left: grotesque/gargoyle - figure from the top of a stamp pad painted to age. Bee urns. I am sure you can see what I have used to make these. Yes, thimbles with a snap base and bees as they are a Napoleonic symbol. A broken chair, unfortunately, hoping it will be able to repaired one of these days. I made the quilting basket and contents including a quilting hoop,fibrefill, fabrics and cotton reels. Sewing machine head with thread beside a small sewing basket with a handle and several vintage sewing magazines. There are two suitcases in the back corner and a cross on the wall.

Posters are displayed on the walls between the rafter beams, garden urns, rolled tapestry supporting a curtain rod. Walking stick with a brass tip, wooden train, Chioise pot, aged newspapers supporting a beribboned and feathered Edwardian-style hat beside a broom.

Cushion, broken clock detached from statuettes in a basket with straw. Sword and mirror on the wall.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Senior bear requires glasses to read the Children's books made using pictures clipped from magazines. I will paint the frames of the glasses black at a later date but for now I have a small supervisor who believes that if it is pink all is well with the world.
I made the bunnies and painted the Crysonbon cups and saucers. I like the scale. They are plastic and come attached to a bar from which you detach them.... but paint them prior to detaching them. Probably everyone does it this way but the first time I bought them I had them off the bar before I realized the advantages of leaving them on. Their cutlery is also a good scale.
I bought the rug many years ago and would like to enlarge and reproduce it to tie the beds together.

Elizabeth made the lemon tarts and stand and showed me how to make the bunnies. There is a plate of three gingerbread bears. Notice how nicely the pillows on the bed slump when they are filled with gravel.

If you did not see the first post of AtticBedroom you can find it in April dated April 8. I had begun writing in April but only posted it last week. However, the blog posted it in April. Not sure how to change that. Any advice?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This precious doll, named Ugenia by me, was made by and purchased from Doreen Sinnett at the Seattle Miniature Show in the early 1990's. Her crochet dress is perfect scale as are her socks and I find the way she crosses her feet very appealing. Her arms can be manipulated. I like her best from the rear looking out the window. Although she was purchased at least fifteen years prior to my Granddaughter's arrival she reminds me of her.

The cat is very similar to our Siamese cat named Cleo, naturally she recognizes the most comfortable spot in the room.


The light between the head of the beds is a commercially purchased one but the one in the centre of the room was bought from someone at the Seattle fair. Bruce put a very bright light in the bathroom that helps highlight the room.


Another friend, appropriately named Pearl, as she is an amazing knitter, created the little monkey displayed in the wicker pony cart. You can also see two robots from the boys and an Amish doll made by Elizabeth.