Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This precious doll, named Ugenia by me, was made by and purchased from Doreen Sinnett at the Seattle Miniature Show in the early 1990's. Her crochet dress is perfect scale as are her socks and I find the way she crosses her feet very appealing. Her arms can be manipulated. I like her best from the rear looking out the window. Although she was purchased at least fifteen years prior to my Granddaughter's arrival she reminds me of her.

The cat is very similar to our Siamese cat named Cleo, naturally she recognizes the most comfortable spot in the room.


The light between the head of the beds is a commercially purchased one but the one in the centre of the room was bought from someone at the Seattle fair. Bruce put a very bright light in the bathroom that helps highlight the room.


Another friend, appropriately named Pearl, as she is an amazing knitter, created the little monkey displayed in the wicker pony cart. You can also see two robots from the boys and an Amish doll made by Elizabeth.


  1. My favorite are the settee and the armoire with all its accessories. Such a beautiful room!

  2. I love this room, thanks also for letting us know where you got things from. That is one thing im always wondering when you look at peoples work. The pull cart is wonderful too, well everthing is wonderful!!


  3. This room is, as your granddaughter says, "truly adorable"! I love all the little toys and the re color scheme, as well as the lovely little Ugenia.

  4. Janice, I like your style. Plenty of detail but not fussy or overly busy. Ugenia is a sweetie!

  5. Janice, I love this bedroom. You always seem to have the best looking wallpapers! Where do you find them? I love the cart with the toys too! I love the faces on Doreen Sinnet dolls. She was so good at sculpting and your little Ugenia is wonderful.

  6. Another lovely view of the room and that little doll is a treasure.

  7. A beautiful room, love the fabrics and wallpapers you've used.

  8. I love the photos with the little girl.

  9. The room looks realistic, and the wallpaper with matching chair is beautiful.

  10. Muy bonito y la foto de la nena en la ventana está estupendamente
    Un abrazo