Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Senior bear requires glasses to read the Children's books made using pictures clipped from magazines. I will paint the frames of the glasses black at a later date but for now I have a small supervisor who believes that if it is pink all is well with the world.
I made the bunnies and painted the Crysonbon cups and saucers. I like the scale. They are plastic and come attached to a bar from which you detach them.... but paint them prior to detaching them. Probably everyone does it this way but the first time I bought them I had them off the bar before I realized the advantages of leaving them on. Their cutlery is also a good scale.
I bought the rug many years ago and would like to enlarge and reproduce it to tie the beds together.

Elizabeth made the lemon tarts and stand and showed me how to make the bunnies. There is a plate of three gingerbread bears. Notice how nicely the pillows on the bed slump when they are filled with gravel.

If you did not see the first post of AtticBedroom you can find it in April dated April 8. I had begun writing in April but only posted it last week. However, the blog posted it in April. Not sure how to change that. Any advice?


  1. What a fun tea party.

    I've also noticed the issue of the dates of posts that are left in draft for a while, but sorry don't know if there is any solution. Hopefully someone else will know.

    Thanks for calling by my blog and leaving a comment on the giveaway post, you're not too late because I haven't done the draw yet :) I've had a really busy day, am now going to make dinner and then do it. (Did you notice my mistake with the date? It should read Sunday 18th not 19th - I've been a day ahead of myself all month!)

  2. Adorable bunnies and sweet little tea party!

    Re: the plastic dishes... If, in the future, you take them off the sprew, they can be easily painted by attaching them to the eraser end of a pencil or a chopstick with a little sticky-tac. That is how I always paint them because it gives me better control over the item, especially if you want to pick out the detail on the edges.

  3. I love the small cups of tea and ginger: the scene is fantastic!
    I am not sure why you want to change the blog ...
    Perhaps the translator did not help much, sorry!
    Mini hugs, flora

  4. Re publishing a post on the proper date:
    You'll need to copy & paste your draft to a new post & all.
    From the top of the page select Edit Post instead of New Post. Check off the box, & right click edit ...that brings up the draft.
    If you need me to explain in detail or you want help with blogger, email me directly.
    hugs Karin

  5. What a lovely and sweet tea party!

  6. ¡Preciosa escena! Has pintado muy bien las tazas y los platitos. Los conejitos son muy dulces. Besos Clara