Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Cool! ... made a Mini fridge!

B, handy husband and excellent side-kick, has been working away making a fridge for the Swedish   House. We did admire the look of the SMED (we call it SMUG) curved-top fridges but

I mentioned previously that I found a bamboo napkin holder for $3 at a Dollar Store.  I used wood from it for the kitchen counters and the wood also worked in scale for the fridge/freezer doors.

Below the picture shows the basswood box finished.  The doors cut to fit before beginning to paint, sand and repaint with light coatings of gloss spray paint.
Note: Carrie asked what type of paint we used. It is Rustoleum White high gloss. Two coats, allow to cure then sand. Then three more coats - drying and sanding with 400 grit sand paper.

The shape is correct - freezer on the bottom .... there are lots of illustrations with dimensions on the Internet of European styled fridges.

Painting ...

The handles are made with brushed brass pipe that has been drilled to take nails that will connect it to the box. The nails were glued with epoxy.

Positioning the handles.


The fridge is almost ready. There are feet at the base to hold it above the floor and small metal   pieces on the edge of the doors to represent hinges.


You can do it too!

Monday, February 17, 2020

Small Stuff ..

Hi, Hope you had a lovely Sunday.  Where we live near Vancouver BC, temperatures are still cold. Certainly above freezing so not insufferably cold but the garden has a long way to go till Spring. The snow drops, camellias and aconites are blooming and today I notice the tete-te-tete daffodils beginning to unfurl and that makes me happy!

I thought I would settle into my little workroom to try and work through the list of things to do in the mini house.  I had been trying to decide on a rug to use in front of the sink.  After a short  sojourn on Instagram  I noticed what was named as a “Swedish antique Kilim”.  I was  surprised as it did not fit the image of patterns I associated with Sweden.  


I had a silk rug that had a similar pattern. I measured and cut onto paper the size that I thought would suit and tried it out  in front of the sink.  
The central pattern on the silk rug matched the size I needed. To stabilize the silk threads I pushed pins through from the front to mark  the correct edge of the front pattern. I applied white glue on the back to capture the threads. Once that was  dry I cut very close to the edge of the pattern.

The picture above is closer to the colour than the lower pictures. The “rug” is displayed on white paper not pink!

The incorrect colour but this is the section that forms the new rug. 

This morning the Mistress of the house was awake early to make cinnamon buns and bread. TheMaster and visitors headed out to catch seafood for dinner. 

Below you can see the stove, now complete. A guard rail helps keep small hands off the hot surfaces and will possible hold other items. The new kilim is in position in front of the sink.
The Mistress has now put the dough to rest and raise. She had made a cup of tea using the Monique Juvenal teapot, cup and saucer with her feet supported by the little heart footstool for a few quiet moments. The teapot, cup and saucer are painted with delicate flowers.

I have mentioned before but it may be helpful to know that most of my displays are waxed into position using Museum Wax on acrylic sheets. Anna asked me what I  used. Fatima bought a supply and kindly shared it with Elizabeth and me.  The acrylic is from packaging . In this way I can slide the display onto a table or shelf and then just as easily remove it.

Another small thing in the list was to paint oars - these from a Playmobile dinghy.  You will see them displayed elsewhere in due course.

  The wall to the left of the stove hood had one shelf but even though I like empty space it seemed this needed another shelf. It is too high make to  sense to use as kitchen storage but not too high for showing off a vintage yachting picture and assorted boating trophies .... even a small boat built by one of the grandchildren.

You may notice the wire at the top of the range hood ... this is for two LED’s installed under the range hood. I will tell you of our experiences with installing LED lights .... very soon.

Take care.
Regards Janine