Saturday, February 15, 2020

The Stove - Almost ....

Some may recognize the origins of the wood-burning style stove?  It is a Chrysnbon kit that one would normally see with a base that includes legs and a side (for heating water, I think) as well as an elaborate back frame. The photo below shows the original back that I thought I would use.

I could tell immediately when I saw it on the counter that it would not work and more surgery was required.

   I had successfully detached the water heater side using a hacksaw. It is plastic and quite brittle so I      was pleased when it all came off without cracking the unit.

The stove would now need a hood. Below are two cupboards bought separately - one from the Portland Show in 2018 and the other at the Vancouver Show in 2019. They were identical.  I bought them with the thought to paint them in a Swedish primitive style to use as wall-hung cupboards for the kitchen. I looked at them more carefully when I gave up the idea of using them as cupboards. I had run out of wall space! I decided to try and convert one to a stove hood.

 I removed the legs, drawer and cupboard doors and painted one black. The black seemed too severe and did not seem of the era I imagined. You can see I have made a small box for wood to go below and create a support for the stovetop and oven.   
The photo below shows the counters and a half piece of plastic pipe, painted black, that connects the stove with the hood. The decorative metal at the bottom conceals lights and gives space for a saucepan hanger. This was part of a light fixture that I had disassembled for my granddaughters who played with it as as a crown. I don’t think they will recognize this part now it has been recut apart.

Elizabeth of StudioEMiniatures visited and one of her recommendations was to continue the tile around the back of the sink. We have now done that and I like the look. It is painted with high gloss white paint and reflects the lighting.

Below... originally I had just one shelf with preserves etc as I like white space - but the space did seem to call for another shelf.

  I decided it was too high for every-day kitchen items so I have made it a nautical shelf displaying an earlier era photograph and yachting trophies including a world map and a grandchild’s version of a rowing boat.

My desk is a mess - I have so many different projects under way. B (handy husband) made an L shape for me to be able to sit the boards that my displays are built onto. This is the first time I have done my build this way. The wood of the renovated farm house is warped and this seemed a better way to straighten things. The card walls with all attached are slid into place and glued to the existing walls. I will show you that process underway in the next post.
If anyone has questions I would be happy to expand on process we have used. Unfortunately I cannot reply on comments but could address questions on Instagram: wordsworth502018

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  1. You did a great job with the stove. I love the nautical shelf. Also what you displayed on the counter. Elizabeth's suggestion was excellent, I like the result very much. A great kitchen.

  2. I like how it's turned out so far :)

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    1. I wasn't able to publish the comment yesterday, but today it appears to be working! I just love the modifications to the stove and the hood is such a wonderful idea! The shelf, the tiles - I love it all and especially enjoy the process of how they came to be! One of my favorite activities in making mini rooms to is figure out how to turn everyday 1:1 objects into useful minis. You have done a marvelous job of that and came away with a fantastic kitchen for the Swedish house!

  4. This looks fabulous Janine. Like Jodi, I couldn't post yesterday so fingers crossed it works today.
    I am quickly learning there is nothing quite like a good 'kit-bash' and I love what you have done with the stove! The solution of for the cupboard is just perfect and ties in so well with the overall feel of the kitchen.
    I am really curious that you are putting all your little bits on the 'free' wall. Does that mean you glue them on? Ups, forgot, questions are for instagram.
    Anna x

  5. Your Swedish Kitchen is a resounding success Janine and I LOVE seeing the process of its development! And Building everything onto the walls outside of the room, not only makes for easier access but greatly reduces the chance of knocking things off with your hand when trying to place tiny accessories into small corners .

  6. Well done with the stove. I also spotted the bowl with bread left to rise - a lovely touch!