Monday, January 23, 2012

I needed a Desk:

I needed a desk for the Empire Room! I decided to use a cupboard I had. I cut off the legs, removed drawers, glued an embossed piece of leather taken from an eye glasses case and set the scene.

The lamps shown are made from a pair of lead candlesticks painted gold. I used electrical marettes for the shades that are covered with scenes of Napoleonic battles. The mirror is made from a tray-like earring backing on to which I glued a mirror. I painted the seated sphinx gold and glued the mirror onto the sphinx.
The books are covered blocks of wood or coupon books cut to size. A couple of shells hold down bundles of letters.

There is a little clock made from a cut-out clock face in a circular snap. I used a toast rack to display old postcards on the desk top in front of an unframed print. I will also make a diary and a low vase of flowers for the desk top.

Of course that was just fun.

Now working on the silk bed curtains - not so much fun. I will have to keep it very simple.

It was sunny today - it lifts the spirits!

Front Facade:

I am sure those of you who have completed a house will know how exciting it is to feel one's imagining has become reality.

I do plan to landscape the front and create a kitchen garden - but at present will leave the facade as is.

Window with decorative railing. Yes, I used the cake decorating support!
Front exterior facade.
Front Door - Welcome
Must be Autumn - mushrooms in basket.
Into the Entry
Lantern from Bird Room
Night at the miniature house.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Front Door:

Good Morning All,
I've rough painted the front door. I have decided to use this door even though I will have to block out the side lites so that they will not be noticed when the surround is attached.
The photos show you my process in deciding what hardware to use on the door. I had always thought I would use the lion's head knocker but in my supplies I have findings that change the character of the door. Once I decided that the brass knob would be in the centre I needed something to help strengthen the appearance of the knob to counterbalance the knocker. The photos show you few of the jewellery findings that I have considered. Yes, I will verdigris them when I decide.

The surround of the door began as a resin photo frame. Bruce sawed off portion of the bottom of the frame. He then painted it - no, that did not look good. Finally sprayed it with a sand-like grit and painted it to match the corner coynes. We will settle for this at the moment. On the house it looks good.

The photos of the exterior of the house always look much brighter and more contrasted than it does in situ. Considering giving it a whitewash to tone it down.

Now, you wonder, what are these bits and pieces you are showing. In my search for something appropriate for a balcony balustrade - I found a gate from a Christmas village, a wire pet cage, a plastic doily and a Christmas bell (not shown) and portion of a stand that cake decorators use. What do these have in common... yes, filigree.
I did love the gate. I could saw off the star and gold support and take off the side uprights that have the balls on top..... no!!! I only had one and I needed two.... great rushing around to anywhere that might have those Town House, I think they are called, Christmas villages..... no luck in any case that gate may have been discontinued someone said.

Back to the drawing board. Yes, perhaps I could take apart the pet cage. It has two sides and I could fiddle and make it fit. Rather delicate and I could paint rust etc on it. Actually it looked too delicate in the window. Next! mm mm, plastic doily. I had used the centre of it to make an impression in the paint in the living room ceiling of my mini house - surely this could be used somehow. No, the pattern cannot be reversed to match on each side because it is flat on the underneath and rounded on the top.
So back to the plastic cake decorating support. It was round originally and I thought it would make a nice fire guard so I had cut it up and painted it. It was a bit too big for the fireplace I wanted to use it on. I did accidentally break it in two as it is quite brittle plastic and just did not want to bend as far as I would like it to. My husband is quite surprised I cannot bend everything to my will. I also cut off some little feet it was standing on. I looked in Michael's (a local craft store) but could not find any more of them.

Mini friends, never throw anything away! I know you all know that already!

I think it looks good. I have settled for it and it will soon appear glued in the window.

Final Choice....perhaps?
Filigree possibilities for window balustrade.
Variations of possibilities for hardware.
Surround and hardware on door.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I had been looking for a suitably sized and economical lantern for the entry. It will not be lit but the space needed to be filled. I found a night light at the Dollar Store that was half a lantern. I also had a plastic filigree and lamp base in my supplies. It almost matches the one in the kitchen.
The interior and exterior of the plastic night lights were spray painted antique gold. I then made a hole for the chain at the top and secured it before wedging the filigree lamp in the interior. Once everything was securely glued in and together the join was filled and the exterior given another coat of spray paint. A metal medallion from my, who knows when it will come in useful, collection is perfect scale and colour for a ceiling medallion.

My willing sidekick made a frame for the print that fills the wall space above the stairs. You can see the wallpaper clearly in the photo of the print. The tone in her dress matches the one on the opposite wall. I have used the print that I showed in the blog "Bird Room - long view" March 2011". It is of a woman wearing a long gold dress and I am very happy with the counterpoint of this print on the opposite wall. Both prints can only be seen through the upper front windows.

When I complete the decorative cast-iron look rail for the top centre windows, and finish the front door, I will show you the lantern and the prints in place.

Close up of lantern.
Print for large wall above stairs.
Full length of chain - finished product.
Dollar Store night lights.

I think the entry is done!! What next?


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The Christmas decorations have been removed and the entry has been returned to normal.

A lovely sculpture of a lady takes the place of the Christmas tree and is reflected in the large mirror near the door and also in the mirror above the table under the stairs. Leather boots have been cast aside next to the faux animal patterned stool. Architectural prints stacked on the floor.

Cleo, the cat, once again is creating havoc. One Christmas she managed to break several Spode platters by springing from the floor to the kitchen counter. We cannot quite blame her for breaking this bowl as it was done many years ago by two young sons playing soccer indoors.

Cleo looks down on the broken bowl, its small porcelain flowers broken and scattered. Inside the bowl were a few vintage postcards. I have a feeling she will retreat very soon to the upstairs bedroom to hide.

On the table under the stairs an orchid in a silver tea caddy topped with moss. Beside the chair is a large handbag that has pair of leather gloves, maps and a lace scarf tucked into the side pocket. Walking sticks lean against the chair.

I'm just finishing a lantern for the entry. I'll show you tomorrow.

I have just discovered that fine sponge crumbled and painted green makes wonderful moss. Probably everyone else knows this!!