Monday, January 23, 2012

Front Facade:

I am sure those of you who have completed a house will know how exciting it is to feel one's imagining has become reality.

I do plan to landscape the front and create a kitchen garden - but at present will leave the facade as is.

Window with decorative railing. Yes, I used the cake decorating support!
Front exterior facade.
Front Door - Welcome
Must be Autumn - mushrooms in basket.
Into the Entry
Lantern from Bird Room
Night at the miniature house.



  1. I really do enjoy! Everything looks so beautiful and all the photos are so great! Lovely details.

  2. Perfect! Your photos always looks so real, I can't believe that is mini! haha

  3. What a lovely house! I'm very impressed with the door surround (would NEVER have considered using a photo frame - that was inspirational!)

    The decorative railing is lovely too - something very different from the usual railings offered.

    Very well done and I'm looking forward to seeing how you deal with the landscaping.

  4. What a nice place you have here.
    Nice website, beautiful doll's house.
    Kind regards, Alexandra.

  5. I love your pictures! And the house is soooo nice!
    Good luck on making the lavender. I hope to see the result on your blog.
    Love, Lara

  6. Son unas fantasticas fotos.
    Te ha quedado una casa absolutamente preciosa, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  7. Your work is always amazing and I love seeing your photos.
    In my list of the blogs I follow I saw that you published a post that I couldn't see. It seemed to be about my last post on my blog. I am very intrigued, a pity it said "page not found", now I am curious... Was it a post or a message/comment you tried to send me?
    Best wishes

  8. What a beautiful job you have done, it looks so warm and inviting. I love the front doorknob.

    The peek throughs are a nice touch and Autumn is my favourite season. I must look through some of your older posts. Was it difficult to do the render finnish on the outside?

    Fi x

  9. Hi Fiona, The render was done with dry wall (wall board) patch material. You can buy it redi-mixed and apply it with a spatula. It is very thick and therefore will hold on a vertical wall. Using the spatula automatically gives it texture. Do a thin layer and allow it to dry, then you can do a second coat that creates the texture. That way you can continue to layer if you wish.

    If you were doing a Tudor style exterior I think you could just stipple the patch material and even lay in wood beams. Do a sample board about a square foot on the side of a cardboard box - use each side and try to do different textures. I think it is worth while to do this extra step for the practice.

    Consider how the corners will be done as they should have some edging to give a more finished appearance.

    Remember that you want to keep it as thin as practical so as not to add too much weight to your house.

    The front step for my mini house was done with Plaster of Paris - mixed to a thick consistancy instead of the watery result of the instructions. P of P hardens very quickly so for small projects I think it is appropriate. I have just done the hearth for the Empire Room fireplace with P of P.

    Happy to expand if I am not clear.

    Regards and all the best.

  10. I've missed so much wonderful work. I need to add you to my blog roll to make sure I don't miss anything more! I accidentally deleted it a while ago (I thought I was deleting one, not the whole lot!) and am still in the process of getting it back in order :)