Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I had been looking for a suitably sized and economical lantern for the entry. It will not be lit but the space needed to be filled. I found a night light at the Dollar Store that was half a lantern. I also had a plastic filigree and lamp base in my supplies. It almost matches the one in the kitchen.
The interior and exterior of the plastic night lights were spray painted antique gold. I then made a hole for the chain at the top and secured it before wedging the filigree lamp in the interior. Once everything was securely glued in and together the join was filled and the exterior given another coat of spray paint. A metal medallion from my, who knows when it will come in useful, collection is perfect scale and colour for a ceiling medallion.

My willing sidekick made a frame for the print that fills the wall space above the stairs. You can see the wallpaper clearly in the photo of the print. The tone in her dress matches the one on the opposite wall. I have used the print that I showed in the blog "Bird Room - long view" March 2011". It is of a woman wearing a long gold dress and I am very happy with the counterpoint of this print on the opposite wall. Both prints can only be seen through the upper front windows.

When I complete the decorative cast-iron look rail for the top centre windows, and finish the front door, I will show you the lantern and the prints in place.

Close up of lantern.
Print for large wall above stairs.
Full length of chain - finished product.
Dollar Store night lights.

I think the entry is done!! What next?



  1. Ten out of ten for ingenuity! The lantern is wonderful, no-one would ever guess it's humble beginnings.

  2. Perfection! Well done to you. I love it when we find things that are totally unrelated and make them "work".
    Great job!

  3. Hi Janine,

    Thanks for posting on my blog. I have just joined yours and its lovely. i especially love the kitchen.

    I hope you enjoyed your trip to my homeland. Do you have family here?


  4. Me encanta el trabajo que has hecho con esa lampara, queda genial.
    besitos ascension

  5. Hi,
    I make theater dolls. I love his idea. When I make my theaters, I use stick up lights to make my chandeliers. They're really very beautiful. I don't have one of my dolls on this post, but the post below I think has a theater doll on it.
    Marie Antoinette