Friday, March 13, 2015

Brisbane Show:

February is often the hottest month in Brisbane but we were able to spend a cool afternoon meandering the displays at the Dollhouse & Miniature Extravaganza.

I enjoyed seeing fellow-miniaturists projects especially those that were distinctively Australian.

The Cobb & Co Coach is 1/8 scale and the gentleman who made it also made the blacksmith shop, the saddlery and the wheelwright shop above. I am sorry that I do not have his name.

 I had hoped to see hand-made items at the tables and I was happy to discover .....  Janis and her husband who made a special trip from Christchurch NZ to attend the show.

Janis makes hats, shoes, handbags, clothing and needlework. You can see her work in TinyFinery on Etsy http:/ drop by online, or if you have an opportunity, visit them at the Sydney Show in May 2015.

I thought her cloche hat might find a place in the attic space of  Elizabeth's  Green Dolphin Street project

& the shoes, well if you follow Elizabeth's blog you know she will eventually find a place for all treasures.

and for Fatima - hats and shoes will not go astray!

 for me a little French-style hat - perhaps for the bird room.

no shoes as ... sometimes you just have to show restraint!  Did I actually say that!

We received an enthusiastic welcome from  reputed to be the "largest miniature store in Australia". The new store is in Port Kembla south of Sydney. It has just moved from Woollongong and will be celebrating its opening very soon.  Lorraine displays bear and duckie who have all kinds of adventures. She is a wonderful ambassador for the miniature world.

Lorraine kindly delivered a parcel from Linda Park  It seems my friends are urging me to move on to my next project. Perhaps I did mention the possibility of a beach house and it seems Linda and Fatima have been of like minds making beach baskets for my project but from opposite ends of the globe.

Thank you Linda

and thank you Fatima


We arrived back in Vancouver March 1st to an early Spring.  In my garden many of my bulbs are in full bloom - the ever cheerful tete a tete mini daffodils sprinkled with blue muscari (grape hyacinth) and  fragrant hyacinth oriental. A large pink camellia takes pride of place under the golden plum which is heady with blossoms. It makes one quite giddy to look through the white flowers to blue sky and the activity of euphoric bees.

Every day of sunshine at this time of year is such a gift.

All the best from my house to yours.



  1. So many beautiful things and great gifts! I always enjoy seeing characteristic local architecture in reduced size. Also looking forward seeing your future beach house ;)

  2. What gorgeous hats and shoes! Such fantastic gifts all around! Your return to your Garden sounds like Heaven.... we are happy to finally get above freezing over here and begin to melt the feet of snow on the ground! I am afraid real blossoms are a long way away! I look forward to seeing your new project! And the pictures from the show were very interesting... the regional house designs really stand out!

  3. For some reason I am partial to mini shoes. I guess the same way I am in 1:1 LOL I could live in that house with the wrap around porch!
    By the way you have lived my dream life traveling like you did! Whew!

  4. Hi Janine! I love those Australian homes with the wraparound porches, especially the grey-white one. What a treat that show looks to have been!

    It was great to meet you at the Seattle show! You sure get around! :0)

  5. Thank you for sharing your photos of the show! The houses look wonderful. Great purchases, I love the shoes.

  6. Hooray! How lucky am I? I thought I'd check in and here is a post! Love love love! Thank you Janine for getting back on the blog. You were missed! And then you come back with the most amazing hat and shoes...YIPPEEE! I'm so lucky. They are truly wonderful gifts...along with other little goodies as well as a wonderful tool made by no other....BWT!. Oh and btw...the little french hat...Awesome! Thank you for sharing the show from your homeland. I love the difference in the houses.

  7. Hi Janine! I love the photos of the Brisbane show and the representations of the local architecture done in miniature. I also love the bungalow with the wrap around porch.
    Your gifts of the hats and shoes for Fatima and I are tiny Works of Art, and I already have future plans for both the bonnet and the shoes too! Thank You Very Much, my friend. It is such a pleasure to have so many pretty things from all around the world, within my miniature collection. :D
    And it appears that great minds think alike, when it comes to the beach items that both Fatima made for you before your trip, and what Linda Park has made for you while you were on it! I think a Big Hint is being directed your way! :)) But aren't Linda's espadrilles Fantastic!!!? :D
    Had a Wonderful time at the Seattle Show with you and Fatima this past weekend and I look forward to soon seeing your new goodies installed inside your French house as is your new Brisbane French Chapeaux; which looks lovely the way that you have it displayed on your mannequin.
    I just love your style Janine, it is always Tres' Chic!

    elizabeth :D

  8. Glad you had time to take in a miniature show when in Australia and bought some lovely hats and shoes from a fellow New Zealander. I love the hats. What lovely gifts for Elizabeth and Fatima. I'm liking the sound of a beach house project.

  9. It's funny that you say you enjoy seeing miniatures that are distinctly Australian because I love seeing miniatures that are not at all English. I don't travel very far so it's wonderful if a show displays anything from outside of the UK. I feel like I'm seeing the sights without getting on a plane. Do you think I could talk the Brisbane Show into going on tour? =0P Thank you for sharing the photos, they're all fantastic.

  10. Hello Janine,
    Welcome back! The show looked like so much fun. The displays and the pieces you bought are all wonderful and so well made.
    Big hug,