Sunday, March 15, 2015

Thank you to Keli Cerulean Blue.

Thank you Keli of  blog for sending me a collection of jars of preserves. I was away when they arrived in Elizabeth's safe hands and she bought them to me last Saturday.

Keli, if only you knew what a domino effect your jars had on my kitchen. I wanted to display them not put them behind doors but despite what Elizabeth says. "I AM running out of room in the kitchen".  Necessity is the Mother of invention - so off with the door of the corner cabinet and two new display shelves revealed.

To get the corner cupboard out

 I took the kitchen counter out,

 to take the kitchen counter out I had to take the work-island out .....

and while they were out I took the fridge out (this is not good for my peace of mind). Then when the fridge was out I put a light over the stove.

Keli, Keli be careful in future when you draw those prize names, you just don't know what effect you will have!

I like how they look in the cupboard very much! Thank you again Keli.

regards Janine


  1. And what a marvelous domino effect! :D Your scenes are wonderful! Congrats!

  2. Really nice feel to this kitchen. Fab gift was worth all the effort.

  3. Janine...the kitchen keeps getting better and better. I love the new canning jars in the corner unit. I love the pictures with the light shining through in the kitchen. The ambiance is wonderful. Oh and I see the wonderful sausage hanging as well as the great stalk of celery. (I think celery?). Love love! Looking forward to the post about the Seattle show.

  4. Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you're enjoying them. What a very lovely home they have in your gorgeous kitchen.

  5. Congrats for the win! Everything looks fantastic, though I understand your headache rearranging everything...been there, done that, many times :D Worth it though. Love the curtain on the counter, and I have those scales floating about somewhere, waiting to get in to a scene somehow :D

  6. Hello Janine,
    It might have been some work, but the final effect is lovely!
    I love the light over the stove. It really brings the kitchen to life.
    Big hug,

  7. Congratulations for your wonderful win. Wow what a well stocked kitchen you have now and very beautiful too.
    Hugs, Drora

  8. The winnings look amazing in your perfect kitchen space! Such a rich space with perfect for cooking!

  9. Beautiful win! Your kitchen is amazing.

  10. I love every perfect detail in your kitchen. I could move in there quite happily.
    Thanks for sharing your rearranging!

  11. Una cocina envidiable. Un saludo, Eva

  12. Hi Janine! A full kitchen is a Happy Kitchen and yours is looks to be Both! :)
    Love the light over the stove, it makes a world of difference and the canning jars look wonderful in the corner cupboard and mixed in with all of the other lovely things, some that I recognize from the Seattle Show! :D
    You have a very Handsome Kitchen, and most importantly... A Very Welcoming One!

    elizabeth :D

  13. I really love your kitchen.

  14. Loving the changes, off to check out Keli's blog - her preserves are wonderful.

  15. I love your kitchen with its new changes brought about by the 'domino effect'. The preserves look fabulous and it would have been a shame for them to be behind a cupboard door.

  16. It all looks lovely and I like the effect of the lighting over the cooker.