Saturday, March 21, 2015


Escape to the Seattle Show:

The Miniteer's long-planned visit to the Seattle Miniature Show took place last weekend.  As a birthday gift for Elizabeth ( November birthday), Fatima and I booked an overnight stay at the hotel where the event was being held.

A very convenient place to stay as by the end of our first day we were absolutely wiped out. I am sure it is the same for everyone. Hours of staring at the displays, feverish catching up with other miniaturists coupled with the anxiety of limiting ones purchases to those most relevant with consideration of exchange rates and custom import restrictions.

It makes me quite dizzy. Sometimes I wonder if I actually breathe properly as it is just all so overwhelming.

It was a great show - in that there was such a good collection of vendors, but not as many exhibitors of houses as I remember in the past.  The last Seattle Show that I attended was in 2013.

I did go wild and most things have found a place in the French House already.

A Christopher Whitford chinoiserie-style teapot sits beside a pie server on a new table.

 A new table and four chairs!  Was that really necessary? My sober, restrained side says "NO".
My wild extravagant, what-the-heck side (rarely seen) says, "Why not?". The usual excuses - I don't smoke, drink and definitely don't buy, well stuff ...... you know, all the irrational excuses when you see things you really, really want!

Did you notice the little wine carafe by Janet Uyetake, corkscrew and small glass cheese plate & dome - yes all new.

Table and chairs by Laura Crain of Dollhouse Land. Laura has created some wonderful items and her display was inspiring.

 Table and chairs by Laura Crain of Dollhouse Land. Laura has created some wonderful items and her display was inspiring.

I have not quite decided if I should give up my blue dining set. Perhaps the scale is better for this space than the rectangular table.

I love the little glass cannister with the cookies. They remind me of custard kisses my Mother made when we were children.

The etager welcomed the blue pottery from Bren's Miniature Pottery from Calgary, Alberta. The rim of the pottery looks yellow in this photo but it is beige. While I examined each display table I acquired quite a few inexpensive additions - the little square glass cannister and brown-lidded pottery casserole plus the white lidded cannister on the next shelf down.

I also added a labelled salami and ham also from Janet Uyetake to Fatima's garlic and onion braids.

I also bought an artichoke, a  parsnip, a bunch of celery and a single pea pod that has peas inside.  Pat Richmond of TwinHeart Miniatures who makes fantastic vegetables said I could open the pod and remove the peas if desired.

In my needed list I had included a reading chair, coffee table and blue ginger jars for the salon. I did find a chair to compliment the library wall. Bruce made the shelving unit for me

It will have a window seat and has lighting above the window seat. Above you can see the chair I bought as well as a tea or games table - not the coffee table I was looking for. The cushion on the window seat is a silk rug rolled up to see if it will suit the room. I think it does. This room is demanding my attention. I am hoping to show my house at the Vancouver Miniature Show in June, but this room must be finished .   ... also the garden on the perimeter needs to be completed as well.

I think the show is about ten weeks away.

I am hoping to include, on the shelves, the books I have read with my book club over the last twenty years. That would be 200 book covers to print and use to create books.  Yes, I can do it!!

Well you can see the room needs a lot of attention.

I am feeling quite inspired actually distracted. Will post more acquisitions soon.

On the home front Bruce has torn out the main bathroom. That will teach me to go away for the weekend!
regards to all Janine


  1. It must have been wonderful seeing all those minis at the show. You have made some lovely purchase. The tea pot is exquisite and I love your new chair. It fits in the room well. I also love the table and chairs. I think it is a fabulous idea to put all the books you have read in your book club on the shelves. I am trying to fill a bookshelf with books at the moment but it is taking me forever to make all the books. I am sure you will complete your house in time for the display as you seem to be on a roll. I look forward to watching progress.

  2. Hooray!....Janine, your post brings back the wonderful time I had with both my miniteers. I absolutely love all your purchases but I have a soft spot for pottery especially blue. I don't remember seeing the bookcase. New? Bruce made it? WONDERFUL!. And have I said how happy I am that you are planning on bringing your amazing house to the West Coast Show? Happy Happy!!!!

  3. Hi Janine! WOW!!!! I love the bookcases and it is nice to see all of the progress taking place in the living room again. Your idea of reducing the history of all of the books you've read in your book club, will really make this space personal and unique! :D The chair and the tea table make the corner very inviting as is your window seat.
    Loved seeing you make your various selections while we were at the Show, but it is even better ( and like seeing them again for the first time ), now that you have them so well placed inside the house. Good Job Janine, Every purchase, is a WINNER! :D

    p.s. Thanks again to both You and Fats for your gift of a Birthday Weekend! It was truly Memorable :))

  4. Hi Janine - I am completely charmed!! What a LOVELY display! That etager is just fantastic. I plan on making most of the accessories for the house that should get built this year if it all goes according to plan myself. I don't know that I have enough instructional books after looking over your collection - I can sew, weave, bead, sculpt and paint but I think I need to take up glass blowing, pottery and goodness knows what else! I'm dizzy now. LOL! What a fantastic collection. Thank you for stopping by my site and leading me back here. :)

  5. Some great purchases Janine. I'm no help with regard to the table and chairs. I love them both, but I am leaning towards the rustic cream planked table! Also, I can't believe you have a pea pod with peas that can be removed! That's amazing. Not sure what sort of coffee table you have in your mind's eye, but I do like the side table. It seems to fit with the shelves - I can see the mini householder sitting in their armchair with their glass of red just at hand, not having to stretch down to a coffee table to get it! Take care.

  6. Great shopping Janine, everything is just fabulous. And as for the new kitchen table and chairs, well why not??? They're lovely :)

  7. What beautiful purchases. I especially like the etagere, it's exquisite.

  8. Dear Janine,
    Wonderful to read about your visit to the miniature show. It almost feels like I was there. What a great buys you made. I love the teapot the corkscrew and all those beautiful minis. the way you describe your day must be a wonderful day.
    Hugs Dorien

  9. Oh what a Gorgeous tiny teapot!!! I have serious mini-teapot envy over that one!! I don't think I've ever seen one like that before! Wow! Not to mention all your other little treasures and the pieces on the etagere are gorgeous! It doesn't look as though half the things on it are new... it looks like they've always been there! I love the new table and chairs... in particular the chairs.... but I still love your blue set best! There is something about the delicate shapes that is just so pleasing... and I adore the color blue! You are so lucky to have such great mini friends and what a fun idea to stay at the hotel where the show takes place! I look forward to seeing your progress on the next room!
    Ah, renovations.... I hope there is a second bathroom in the meantime!

  10. All your purchases are fantastic, but the teapot is my favourite. Concerning a miniatures show we are all the same...

  11. Bonjour Janine,
    je préféré la nouvelle table dans la cuisine, sinon, en français, quand on veut justifier des petites folies pas très raisonnables on dit "on ne vit qu'une fois" vos nouveaux achats sont très bien;-)

  12. Hello Janine,
    Congratulations on the wonderful purchases! I especially love the teapot and the chair. Speaking of the chair, your library is wonderful! I love the colors, the warmth, the window is a really beautiful, inviting miniature space.
    Big hug,

  13. I knew I'd love everything you bought at the Seattle Show. You have such great taste and everything fits in beautifully. I hope I can have a private viewing as I'll miss the Vancouver Show. Good luck with the library. Maybe we should have a working bee in May to help you with the books! Hope Bruce pulled out the RL bathroom and not your mini one.
    Cheers, Linda

    1. Hi Linda,
      Luckily it is the RL bathroom! Looking forward to catching up with you when you come to town. We will have a Miniteer gathering here when you come.
      Regards Janine

  14. Great purchases, especially love the blue pottery (and that little rabbit..eeek) Urgh, I was afraid of passing out and smashing all the miniatures the one and only time I went to a miniature show, my depth perception was incredibly confused by so much amazingly realistic tinyness, it's not really that close is it, lets move in for a closer look, after hours of that...felt a bit wobbly :D

  15. Janine, thank you for your comment on my blog. I've been looking for myself as well, since last year. I don't understand what has happened, but the life turned 180 degrees and not in the direction I anticipated. The pain was so crucifying that I could not only attend the show but even couldn't think about anything else. However, it was interesting to read your report about the show and your purchases. Lovely minis and beautiful room. Looking forward to the further process. Mini hugs, Natalia

  16. Hello Janine!

    I can see why you are having trouble choosing between the two tables sets. They both have their own wonderful, French Country charm. And I am afraid I would have the same conundrum! Reminds me of Disney's 'Briar Rose" (Cinderella) dance. Pink? or Blue? I am sure anyone younger than 30 is lost on that one. :0)

    Both are wonderful! Good luck with your choice!


    1. Dear Doug, It was very nice to meet you at the Seattle Show and have the opportunity to speak with you for a few minutes. I do hope you found what you were looking for that day.
      I think I will have to use the original table and chairs as the new one is slightly longer and if it was RL it would be a nuisance to make ones way around. I think it has value to take this into consideration in a mini house too,
      All the best.
      regards Janine

  17. Oh my, what wonderful finds! I looooove that chinoiserie teapot! And the new dining table. And the dining table with the chinoiserie teapot on it. Just wonderful!