Wednesday, November 8, 2017

New Project .... a Miniature House! Surely Not?

Dear All,

When you ask a best friend "what would you like for your birthday?" ... be prepared!

Elizabeth celebrated, in part, her birthday with us yesterday and when I asked her that question her answer was: "I want you to begin blogging again" and also ...

It is hard to say "no" to Elizabeth, yet alone NO!

I have finally begun a new miniature project. The French House took twenty years to complete. Handy husband gently suggested I should not plan on taking twenty years to finish this one.

My Miniteers friends had, for some time, been encouraging me to begin  - but begin what? That was my dilemma. Fatima & Elizabeth found me a very nicely-built dollhouse that I bought home and the thinking began in earnest

But it was so very blue! I am so good at procrastinating.

So handy husband painted it white so I could think easier or faster. (Trust me he is not reading the instructions - the brand new pressure tin nozzle was blocked.)

Then it did not look quite as the image I had for it. I am very good at delaying decisions.

So handy husband wielded the Dremel, the disk sander and the oscillating saw.

The house began to take shape. The balconies were removed. windows were raised and enlarged, walls modified, floor coverings removed, interior and exterior doors changed and

a little entry added to the front.

Looking better.

Elizabeth arrived, full of wonder at such amazing happenings. (That didn't last long. I could almost hear her thinking, but showing admirable restraint).  Then we had wine with lunch and she casually noted, "You realize of course one would hit ones head if you tried to walk up the stairs?".

Handy husband said "I knew that but I didn't mention it."

Out came the stairs for rebuilding.

Then we had dessert. "You realize that if you have a fireplace in the bedroom it will be too tight to walk around the bed?"

That is when I thought I should refocus the conversation and asked her what she would really like for her birthday.

"and an extra four inches on your project" she said quietly.

Elizabeth does not know handy husband as well as I do - almost before the words left her lips the saw and hammer were out and ....

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!  (Be careful what you wish for, I thought, but didn't say it out loud.)

Next Birthday lets go OUT for lunch!

Our other Miniteers, Fatima of Beauxminis and Linda could not be with us and I really missed their presence. They are so good at diverting the topic when they see that gleam in Elizabeth's eye. We know it can only mean more changes!

Would anyone like to attempt a guess at the "style" I am attempting? I hope someone can guess or I might have to make more changes.  Wait! handy husband ..... wait!

Thank you for visiting.