Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The Christmas decorations have been removed and the entry has been returned to normal.

A lovely sculpture of a lady takes the place of the Christmas tree and is reflected in the large mirror near the door and also in the mirror above the table under the stairs. Leather boots have been cast aside next to the faux animal patterned stool. Architectural prints stacked on the floor.

Cleo, the cat, once again is creating havoc. One Christmas she managed to break several Spode platters by springing from the floor to the kitchen counter. We cannot quite blame her for breaking this bowl as it was done many years ago by two young sons playing soccer indoors.

Cleo looks down on the broken bowl, its small porcelain flowers broken and scattered. Inside the bowl were a few vintage postcards. I have a feeling she will retreat very soon to the upstairs bedroom to hide.

On the table under the stairs an orchid in a silver tea caddy topped with moss. Beside the chair is a large handbag that has pair of leather gloves, maps and a lace scarf tucked into the side pocket. Walking sticks lean against the chair.

I'm just finishing a lantern for the entry. I'll show you tomorrow.

I have just discovered that fine sponge crumbled and painted green makes wonderful moss. Probably everyone else knows this!!


  1. oh, no, You better catch the cat before she breaks more beautiful things! ;) I like the entry a lot! The mirror is SO gorgeous and the sculptured lady too! Happy year of 2012!

  2. It looks lovely, especially with the statue reflected in the mirror. I like the gold detail on the table under the mirror.
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. They're lovely pictures. I do like a little spy through windows and doorways!

  4. Oh no, the bowl! How familiar that sounds, boys playing football indoors and breaking things. My son and his friend did the same a few months ago, breaking one of my most beautiful miniature cabinets. I was so angry at them I didn't even shout. Then they know it is bad ;)
    Lovely entry!

  5. Beautiful entrance! And bad kitty!:D Pretty work!

  6. First of all compliments for our amazing work and for your fantasy taking these photos. :o)

  7. Es una entrada fantastica, me encanta ese espejo con la figura reflejada se ve todo muy real, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  8. The entrance is looking wonderful, but what a naughty cat!! :)