Monday, January 23, 2012

I needed a Desk:

I needed a desk for the Empire Room! I decided to use a cupboard I had. I cut off the legs, removed drawers, glued an embossed piece of leather taken from an eye glasses case and set the scene.

The lamps shown are made from a pair of lead candlesticks painted gold. I used electrical marettes for the shades that are covered with scenes of Napoleonic battles. The mirror is made from a tray-like earring backing on to which I glued a mirror. I painted the seated sphinx gold and glued the mirror onto the sphinx.
The books are covered blocks of wood or coupon books cut to size. A couple of shells hold down bundles of letters.

There is a little clock made from a cut-out clock face in a circular snap. I used a toast rack to display old postcards on the desk top in front of an unframed print. I will also make a diary and a low vase of flowers for the desk top.

Of course that was just fun.

Now working on the silk bed curtains - not so much fun. I will have to keep it very simple.

It was sunny today - it lifts the spirits!


  1. Hello Janine, thank you for your nice comment.
    You have a cosy blog with very beautiful things.
    You have right about the mini quilt on the mini bed. I do not batting on this. Sometimes I do a piece of fabric into. Thats enough. (My houses quilt is a 1:1 quilt)
    The book from Léa Frisoni is a must, (hihihi). I made the bed, the cauche, the chair. I'm realy love this book. Have you find the blog from Léa? It's so wonderful too.
    Have fun with your dollhouse Janine.

    Regards Heleni.
    ps.I'm sorry for my bad English. I hope that you understand my comment.

  2. I want to say Hello and tell you how much I am enjoying your blog and your unending talent! I have read all your posts and marvel at your creativity! Your French house is wonderful! I look forward to seeing more.
    Warm regards from Ray

  3. Hi Janine,
    Wow your desk looks super! And I really like your French house. it is great!!!
    Have a great weekend
    Hugs from Germany

  4. What a very good idea! The result is perfect and beautiful.

  5. I'm trying to train my brain to see things in other objects and this is an excellent lesson - something to aspire to! It's very clever the way you have linked the sphinx on the mirror with the chair and is that an upside down drawer I see, with the leather top - so simple yet so effective an alteration.

  6. The change is really perfect! Congratulations! Carmen

  7. Wonderful work! SO Creative! I LOVE it! I tried to buy some of the leopard chairs a couple of years ago... but they were all out of stock and not making them any more :( I was So sad! Someday I will try my hand to make some. Your desk conversion is INSPIRED! And all the little accessories are PERFECT!

  8. Una idea fabulosa, con mucha creatividad!
    Un abrazo

  9. Hi Janine! I just love visiting your blog. You have such a wonderful imagination for making minis out of ordinary things. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  10. Hi Janine,

    well done. Thats what you call lateral thinking. The desk looks great and I love the collection of objects, gorgeous!


  11. Fun idea! You're really creative with the minis! I'm so glad I found your blog today! :-) Jennifer

  12. You know. my Mom used a toast rack as a letter holder in real life, when I was a kid. Love seeing that done in mini! Beautiful work on the desk transformation. I love getting to see how one thing is transformed into another, and you have done such creative things! (Eyeglass case leather! Snaps! Of course!)