Saturday, March 3, 2012

Garden Extension:

Greetings all. Posting tonight as tomorrow I escape for the day to drive to the Seattle Miniature Show.

I wanted to "show and tell" about how my husband resolved my problem of a desired extension for the garden courtyard of my mini house.

My house is quite large. In fact if I make it any wider or longer it will not be able to be taken down the stairs. I felt that it would not be complete without a small parterre off the kitchen.

Bruce built a new platform to support the house and on the kitchen side made slides that could be extended to support a matching form to fit flush with the support platform.

I will be able to landscape this form and slide it into place but it will be readily removed if and when I want to take it downstairs or out of the house.

I am very pleased with his work and show it proudly with the idea that it may help others that have the same dilemma.

I hope that the photos explain, if not, just drop me a line and I will expand.

Regards to all.

Garden platform on the fully-extended slides - kitchen in view.
Platform that supports the house.
Close up of the slot where the slides can be pulled out.
Slides pulled out partway.
Slides fully extended.
Platform dropped onto the slides partway.
Underside of platform.
Garden platform in position.


  1. A very clever idea. I like it! I love little gardens/courtyards, so I look forward to your progress on that.

  2. This is a clever solution. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I want to add an extension to my new project and this is the perfect solution! :D

  4. What an excellent idea - well done hubby. It certainly allows you to get exactly what you want with the minimum of fuss.

  5. BRILLIANT Solution!!!! Now I know what I will do for my Lovely Old Dollhouse Garden!!!!! Thank your husband for me!!!!

  6. Yes, it is a brilliant solution. Did he use drawer slides? They appear to be able to come all the way out but I'm thinking there may be a "stop" of some sort.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Hi Tabitha, B did not use drawer slides he made up the slides from aluminum/aluminium sections and supported them with aluminium strips.

      The stops are simply a screw in the side of the slide. One could use drawer slides but to make the height a minimum one should use the slides intended to be fitted at the bottom of drawers.

      B. said he can take as many photos as required to adequately explain the above if you wanted to undertake making them.

  7. You'd better tell Bruce he's brilliant! My dollhouse needs an extension, if he's not too busy there's a job for him Downunder ;))

  8. That's a perfect construction,I really like the idea!Jeannette

  9. What an excellent idea! Your husband is a genius.