Monday, January 26, 2015

Miniteers Meet

Miniteers' Visit

This month Elizabeth brought the incredible storage basket gifted to her from Lidi of BasketCase Miniatures to show us.

Fatima is amazed and jealous... me too!

Elizabeth is so thrilled and happy to have received this wonderful little work of art.

It is fantastic, actually nicer than the photos on Lidi's site http:///  It is very finely woven, beautifully finished and has such nice weight in the hand. Such a kind and generous giveaway.

Lidi, can you see how happy she is?

But down to more serious discussions (in the kitchen of course).

It was my turn to host Elizabeth and Fatima for our monthly mini fix. We do communicate regularly by phone and email but when we are together we have so much fun and the hours slide past so quickly.

Both E. and F. are full of enthusiasm for this wonderful hobby and each month produce something new to amaze me.
 Elizabeth has been producing flowers for her garden on and has also made bee skeps. If you look at her elbow on the counter above you will see a basket but the left item is a skep.  I wish that I took a close up photo of it but I think you will see one very soon on her blog.  E. also bought an assortment of artificial plant material for me to try and kick start me back into my miniature landscaping.

Below they are discussing the petit point pieces that Elizabeth has given to Fatima for her Garfield House. The theme of her house is the night before Christmas and the house, although modern, reflects its Victorian-era past. Elizabeth suggested that Fatima might be able to make cushions or upholstery using the petit point.

Conversation can be quite lively. Fatima says she will find it difficult to cut into the petit point. Elizabeth says she has been holding on to them for years. Two were taken from evening handbags. Do you remember seeing the bags at the Thrift Stores at one time. I still look for them but have not seen any for years.

Elizabeth insists they should be cut up and used ... and she must be obeyed! Show and tell next month perhaps?

On a challenge from Elizabeth,  Fatima has made onions - perhaps she will make them available soon on her site http:/ but she is often busy creating something different so we will have to wait and see.

Onion braid by Fatima, market basket and petit fours by Elizabeth

Teapot, cup and saucer by Monique Jouvenel. 

The onions look good beside the garlic!

In the afternoon we worked on little additions to Fatima's collections of Xmas items. Elizabeth made Christmas crackers, Fatima made rolls of wrapping paper and I made boxes. We cannot do anything that takes too much concentration as we are ..... no, we are not drinking too much, we are simply talking too much to apply ourselves to anything difficult.

We will not meet again until March when we go to the Seattle Show for a weekend escape.

I am heading back to Brisbane, Australia for a month and I have just noticed that the Brisbane Miniature Show will be on a few days after we arrive. I am looking forward to meeting some of my fellow miniaturists there and seeing their work.

I was excited that Minworks was featured in the Spanish Magazine Miniaturas in January 2014.  I know being published is old hat for many of blogland miniaturists but I was pretty excited.

I was amazed when Madelva, the Editor, connected with Elizabeth in 2013 to ask permission to use photos from my blog for Miniaturas.  I must admit I did not believe they would actually print them so it was a wonderful surprise when Elizabeth emailed me when I was travelling in New Zealand to say she had received several copies of the magazine.

I do note I have made quite a few small changes since these photos, most evident  is that
the bathroom is completely different now with a lite added over the door and heavy crown molding as well as a different colour on the bath.

also the linen cupboard is filling up.

Finally a small victory!

The bedside lamps have been lit because after an ongoing battle with the electrical tape it seems to be working! I should say that very quietly as next time I turn them on they may not work .... again.

 What a difference it makes to the bird bedroom - so named because of the blue birds in the wallpaper.

This is a reminder to all to make sure you take photos of your houses so you can appreciate how things develop over time.

regards to all


  1. I enjoyed this post very much. The three of you look so happy.

  2. It's great to meet up with like-minded people and what a gorgeous bunch you all are. It's nice to put faces to names =0) Congratulations on the magazine article...well deserved recognition. Enjoy the Brisbane show.

  3. Hello Janine,
    What a wonderful group of ladies you all are. The talent in that room is frightening! Congratulations on the article in Miniaturas. The pictures are just beautiful and really shows us how talented and skilled you are. I just love your work.
    Big hug,

  4. That was such a FUN DAY, Janine! Needless to say that between the talking and the eating, and the mini-ing, our time together ended much too soon!
    But I too, would like to Congratulate both you and Bruce, on the wonderful article on your French House in MINIATURAS. It is a mighty big feather to have adorning your mini hats! :))
    Well Done my friends!


  5. Janine,

    What a great post! Congratulations on your article in MINIATURAS. I wish I had a copy of the magazine.

    I am so envious of your group miniature meetings with E & F. It was so nice to put faces to names I know so well. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Those onions are remarkable!!! :D

  7. My goodness, such a lot going on. Congratulations on being published and I love the pictures of the house. It's lovely.
    All the best

  8. Felicidades, la casa merece la publicación en la revista. De esas agradables reuniones seguro que salen unos magníficos trabajos. Un saludo, Eva

  9. It's always a pleasure to see your miniatures I admire your work so much. The meeting with your friends must really be wonderful.

  10. Oh, what a wonderful gathering!!! You are all so talented and lucky to have each other for Mini-teers meetings!!! (Only a little jealous!) It is always amazing to see the beautiful details of your dollhouse... and glimpses of its garden too in the pages of the magazine! Congratulations for being featured there.... your house is certainly deserving of such a showcase! And it is heartwarming to see you all having such a good and creative time together! Thank you for sharing yourselves!!! :)

  11. The house is amazing Janine and I never get enough pleasure in seeing it in person. I'm sure I've congratulated you a million times on being published and you inspire me in every way. Our meetings are always to short. I understand and appreciate all the wonderful comments by others here. I am definitely proud to be in such great company.

    1. Just one more thing....wish you were in the pics as well. Next time for sure.

  12. Wow that is some post, you three miniteers sure are talented. Love the onions and garlic and the pics of your published work, very impressive. Maybe we will see some pics from the Brisbane show?

  13. You have been busy ladies and you look like you have lots of fun together. Congratulations on being published! It is pretty exciting seeing all your hard work in print, and it is well deserved for you. Have fun in Brisbane - it's a nice place.

  14. That was such an interesting and fun post to read! Congratulations on publishing. Old or new hat - doesn't matter, your neat and detailed work should be seen. Can't wait to see Show and Tell next month. Will Fatima cut that piece of petit point or not? Hm...

  15. Seems to me you have a lot of fun together! :) Beautiful minis you have got from your friends. Congratulations with the beautiful pictures in the miniaturas, they are beautiful! Love that bedroom <3
    * marlies

  16. You are so lucky! Visiting with Fatima and Elizabeth and having the wonderful article in the magazine. Everything is so colourful and displayed so well. I love Elizabeth's garden too and Fatima's onions. I hope you had a great time in Australia and I'm looking forward to hearing about how you use the needlepoint purse pieces. I have a carpet and pillows from a purse in one of my houses and it worked well. Mini Hugs, Jean

  17. congrats on the magazine article! you and your friends have such an amazing talent! thanks so much for the info, too, on the topiaries:)

  18. Congratulations ! :)
    If Madelva wouldn't had known your work already, I would had tell her about you! Love your work ! (Hope my English is okay, hihi )