Monday, January 5, 2015

Is The Party .. Over....?

So - is the party is over?

All the Christmas and celebratory china has been washed.

 All the linens carefully laundered.

 Decorations are transitioning from display to storage.

Still time to enjoy a contemplative cup of tea and macarons with friends not expected but happily received.

A quiet moment before preparation of a warming winter's feast.

Outside the cold air casts a steely light but inside all is warm and all is bright.

May your New Year be bright, sometimes still, but mostly healthy and happy.

warm regards Janine

My mini house is filled with gifts from Elizabeth and Fatima at

We have been friends for some time and they are both generous and enthusiastic about sharing their talents. In the "through the window" picture you can see my Xmas garlic that Fatima made - also to be seen in StudioE - although the character of our houses are completely different the garlic fits perfectly. Fatima also bought me the casserole dish on the winter work table scene from Jason Feltrope at the Seattle Fair in 2014 when I was in New Zealand. I do hope he will be at the Seattle Fair in 2015 as the Miniteers will attend together this year.  You may notice the hanging pot rack that was a Hallmark decoration that Fatima found and bought for Elizabeth and me.

French macarons and box on the kitchen dining table by Fatima. Selection of breads by E. as well as cake and tarts under glass covers and Paris platter on the dividing counter. Bowl of icing and pierced bowl beside the sink and jug in sink. I think she made the soap and bubbles on a plate.  Linda Park of Sydney Australia made the yellow kitchen gloves.  Thanks Linda!

If you have visited StudioE you know she is the Queen of fitting wonderfully appropriate things in her house.  Many of the items on the winter food prep table were a birthday gift from her a couple of years ago but the pot of chives are new from StudioE.

In the formal dining room - Christmas gift 2014 from Elizabeth included the birds on a blue-rimmed plate by Christopher Whitford. China by Teresa Welsh to the left of the bird plate, on the Stokesay platter and in the display cabinet - gifts from Elizabeth in 2002. Fatima gave me the little silver plate with handle - cannot remember which year sorry!

You can tell I have been well spoiled by the Miniteers.  Thank you, thank you!

I did remove two postings - one on our garden renovation and the other on our main floor renovation. I did so because I realized that those postings were probably not of interest to miniature enthusiasts. I am sorry it caused some confusion. I had been most preoccupied by our renovations in 2014 but hope to be back in the mini fold in 2015.


  1. It is a Joy to see your Beautiful house and all the lovely gifts from your Miniteers! What a great thing to have such a group of mini-makers to share talents and treasures! I sure hope you will be posting more of your Awesome house! There are so many Gorgeous details to explore in every picture!
    Happy New Year!
    And welcome "Home"!

  2. Hi Janine! HOORAY!!! It is such a Treat to view this house on your blog again!
    And it is good to see how Beautifully you have staged your downstairs rooms. You have used a different tree than last year and it has a Totally modern charm the way the it in the process of being dismantled. I Love this idea! of Partyinterupt-us! :D
    You make every photo a Real Moment in time, and the compositions are such an accurate reflection of your own Real Life. The linen folded over the end of the dining table is Just Like what you would do! I can't stop Smiling!!!
    Welcome Back to Blogland Janine, and what a way to say -
    "HELLO 2015!!!"

    only you would say it quietly :)


  3. I thought the first couple of pictures were of a real house! It seems so empty when the Christmas decorations are stored away but your rooms are filled with so much interest and detail that it's a feast for the eyes. Happy 2015 =0)

  4. That was such a lovely way to wind down the hokiday season - I always feel we hit bleak January with a bump! I love your collection of china, and the kitchen is a great source of inspiration, thank you.

    You are so ucky to have such wonderful mini-ing friends!

    Happy New Year,


    1. erm, that should read 'lucky', obviously :o

  5. Everything looks so beautiful and realistic, I just love everything. I wish I could shrink and just join for a cup of tea and a maccaron

  6. Happy new Year!
    I loved seeing your beautiful photos so much.

  7. Following my promise to myself to reply to blog posts as they appear (!) it's lovely to see you blogging again and posting such wonderful pictures. You certainly have an envious collection of china (I went in for a closer look). Happy New Year to you and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2015.

  8. I agree, I agree! So awesome to see your pics. Missed your blogging. I always love the way it is all set up and looks so real! I'm very flattered that you have displayed some of my gifts to you. Thank you my Miniteer friend.

  9. It looks so inviting! I love all the detail and your placement and arranging are perfect. I like to see real homes too - where else would we get inspiration for our mini homes than real ones? Have a happy new year.

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  11. Magníficos detalles que hacen una puesta de escena preciosa. Un saludo, Eva

  12. hi Janine, what a beautiful dollhouse you got there, wow. I looked at all the pictures and just can't decide whoch one I like most :-) everything is just sooooo nice

  13. I just love everything, what a beautiful collection of China

  14. Funny, I was going to say exactly the same as Janne did: what a beautiful collection of china!