Saturday, February 20, 2021

Parcel Arrives:

 In November I ordered a treasure from South Africa. I was aware that it would take approximately ten weeks to arrive but at last it is here!

The lady of the house has been gathering rose hips and returned home to find the cat monitoring an arrival at the Swedish House. 

I know what the parcel should contain, yet it is an exciting and tension filled moment with the uncertainty of expectation being fulfilled or disappointed. 

It's warm in the kitchen after a walk in the open air. 

All is quiet but for the sounds of paper hitting the floor. 

Here is the treasure revealed at last. A charming silver tea set that travelled from the Artisans hands all the way to mine - South Africa to Canada. Imagine that small parcel leaving the semi tropical environs of Africa being shipped around Cape Horn, possible but unlikely. I will rethink this while I put the kettle on ....
Just think, from South Africa - did it fly across the fertile plains of Botswana and the ocean of sand of the Sahara? Across continents to be tumbled into planes, trains, trucks and vans to Canada and to my own postman who knows I am waiting for a parcel from afar.

A treasure to be sure. Oh happy dance, it is beautifully made. The spout is delicate on the teapot as is the spout on the milk jug. The lids fit seamlessly and all items sit flat.  Did I mention that the sugar spoon is perfection! Thank you Hestelle for making this Georg Jensen influenced service that finds its place in my Swedish inspired Miniature House.

HestelleMare is on Etsy.

Sunset colouring the clouds as the light fades.
Regards to all, Janine


  1. Oh Janine what a delightful treasure! I am excited by the picture alone so I can only imagine how special it must be to actually hold these beautiful little pieces in your hand.
    Thanks for the heads up on the Etsy shop. BTW where did you get the Royal Copenhagen dinner service?

  2. The silver tea set and other is exquisite, a fantastic treasure. I love this post displaying beautiful miniatures.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Dear Drora, Nice to see your name appear on the blog. I was wondering if you had completed all your little Dollhouse, dollhouses?
      I have not had personal time with my miniteer friends Elizabeth and Fatima since last year so it is wonderful to be able to share my minis with fellow bloggers.
      I hope all is well with you.
      Regards Janine


  3. Greetings Anna, Just a test here. J.

  4. and again .... thank you for dropping in on my blog Anna. It is such a long time since I have posted here. I am using an older computer now to post instead of my iPad so I am hoping for more success.
    The china is named Musselmalet and is available through: who are in Denmark.
    I did not seem to be able to order this product through the web site but they give you an email address for Bendt who was very helpful and processed my order quickly.
    There is a post on my Instagram: wordsworth502018 back in November 2019 showing my order on the dining table.
    Take care. Janine
    Just watching the Au. Tennis Men’s final! J.

    1. Thanks Janine - I knew I had seen it somewhere, but couldn't remember where.
      Anna X

  5. Hi Janine. The new teaset is amazing and perfect for its new home. What a great find. And the super slow and unpredictable mail really adds to the anticipation of a mini treasure’s arrival! I hope the winter starts to ease soon and is kind to you. I really enjoy seeing the photos of your beautiful part of the world. X

    1. Hi Shannon, Thank you for your offer to help with my blogger posting. I have a long one underway after B made the Lacanche style stove.
      Spring is certainly on the horizon our as small peach tree buds are colouring pink and the small birds are in a frenzy of breeding activity.
      The world just keeps turning despite our wish sometimes to just remove ourselves.
      Our home is a small cottage but our views from every window make it feel bigger. The beach (not equal to Au. Standards) is ever changing with the tides, birds, dog walkers and even horse and riders on occasion.
      Then of course the clouds revealing or concealing the oft snow capped mountains and the sunrise/sunsets reflected in water or tidal sands.
      Of course we are battered at times by bitter winds and sometimes even waves over the sea wall so all is not as perfect as Instagram suggests!
      Always happy to hear from you.
      Good health and warm regards Janine

  6. Fantástico , muy bonito. Un verdadero tesoro y desde tierras lejanas.

  7. A real treasure and masterpiece. I can understand your excitement.
    Also beautiful picture of the sunset.