Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Spring on the Horizon:

 Once daffodils and tulips appear in the stores I know that Spring must be on the horizon in southern BC. 

The snowdrops have been blooming for a couple of weeks, aconites are shining yellow and the birds are very active. 

I spoke too soon, as soon as the thought “Spring” gelled in my mind, Arctic air dipped our temperatures with the wind chill across the Bay to -16C. A shock after the mild winter we had experienced to date.  Local children had a wonderful time sliding down a steep hill at a local park. This same slope in mid summer has dry grass that those same children use as an extended slide. Such a lot of fun to watch their descent. 

It seems that I settle to Mini time at this time of year. I note that my previous post that it was indeed last February!

Flowers arrived for the Swedish House from StudioE Miniatures - also known to many as my good friend Elizabeth.  Elizabeth does a lot of experimentation creating miniatures and I am one of those who benefits from the culmination of those experiments.

Daffodils and Elizabeth’s Paperwhites in the living room displayed in Chinoiserie pots and saucers. The hurricane lamp on the table highlights the flowers. 

I am having so much difficulty posting photographs .... I may post this as an incomplete post and try again as I have obviously done something incorrectly. Janine

The kitchen table is the perfect space to Lllllll


  1. Spring has indeed arrived Early at your Warm and Welcoming Swedish House, Janine! and there's nothing like having MORE SUNSHINE after such a Dreary and DAMP West Coast Canadian winter.
    I'm always AMAZED each year, to see how the fragile green tops of bulbs, are able to force their way through dark solid earth then up towards the sun: one of life's ongoing little miracles and one of the reasons that Spring is my favourite season!
    As you know, Spring was on my mind throughout most of the winter as I was constructing these plants along with a bushels of others, but I must say Janine, that you've breathed new life into these in the way you have displayed and arranged within your Swedish house.
    The narcissus look right at home in the blue and white china pots AND I LOVE the way you've wrapped the tulips on the kitchen table too!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing MORE Photos of this MARVELLOUS project including a long overdue Update on THe CHANGES in your FRENCH house- ci vous plait! ❤️ :)


  2. Elizabeth's flowers are really beautiful, the first picture is amazing. Seeing these flowers makes us want to welcome spring.

  3. What a feast for my starving eyes!

  4. The daffodils and tulips are gorgeous! What a great welcome to spring.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Hi Janine. So great to wake up to your post! Elizabeth is such a talent and a sweetie. The flowers are beautiful and add a fresh, warm burst of colour. And crappy that you are having blogger problems too. I for once have found the recent update not too bad - I can post on my ipad once again. That said it is a bit jiggery and does some funny things.... send me an email if you want and I can see if I can help work out what’s happening. Xx

  6. Beautiful photos, Janine! And yes - the new version of Blogger is a bug to figure out. I am still trying, too. Glad you kept at it and glad to know you are feeling inspired to work and share again! Looking forward to more!
    Elizabeth really does make such amazing flowers, and what luck to be friends with such a creative and generous lady!

  7. So pretty! Even the lighting got in the act. Both make a lovely view.

  8. What beautiful flowers, and such a wonderful gift! Your photos really bring them to life. It is really hard to tell that they are not real-life flowers! Yes, the new blogger is a real pain, isn't it?? I find the same with new versions and updates for Microsoft products as well. Every time they update with what they call "improvements" something always screws up or they remove a function that used to be really useful. *sigh* Maybe I'm just getting old. - Marilyn D., New Brunswick, Canada

  9. Gosh Janine, I had to do a 'double-take' to realize those daffodils were indeed mini! I do hope you get proper spring soon, in the meantime, I cannot help but being just a wee bit envious of those children playing on the slope.
    Warm hugs,
    Anna x