Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This will be the best view of the little attic bathroom as in the near future we will only be able to see it through a small dormer window. The bath, basin and stool are part of a Chrysnbon kit. The little shelf above the sink has the supports that were part of the toilet.

On the shelf you will see a candle holder, bead bottle and bead vase, a clock and also a clear jar with lid all made of buttons, a shell from my collection and a postcard. On the sink there is a fimo soap and a button for a glass soap holder.

Once again I arranged everything on a piece of rigid packaging plastic. I did make a mistake as I wanted the candlestick to be on the right but the only way you can see it when the roof is enclosed is in the mirror and everything is reversed.

Under the sink is a waste basket made from a filigree tube. I have four from the thrift store. They seem to be a cover for something but I have never seen them again.

The stool beside the tub has a large book on it created by covering a block of wood with paper from a magazine. The picture is part of an antique map and the bead jar has a tiny Chanel label on it.

To enable you to see more of the room I placed a large mirror in a horizontal position on the wall. This was made from a picture frame the decorative edge suggests a fleur- de-lys. I painted the decorative edge with silver enamel paint to tie in with the chrome fixtures on the vanity and tub.

You may notice the Napoleonic foot soldier that came from a military game painted and used as a door stop.

The wall paper is a small toile de jouy that has a little bright yellow colour in the gentleman's trousers. I painted the tub and the underside of the sink the same colour and tried to have the dried seed pod/flower absorb the yellow colour... somehow it resisted the strong yellow colour but I have accepted it as is!

I glued a section of a baby's white sock to the tub to create the soft fall of a very fluffy white towel.

The bath seems to be sitting in the middle of nowhere but when the roof is on the bath will actually be sitting up against the dormer window.

This was all a bit of fun as despite my fever for finishing slate tiles I needed to finish the bathroom and glue everything solidly before the base for the roof tiles closes this corner of the house.


  1. I love the fact that a certian part of a house can only be seen through a window. You have done a fantastic job. The wallpaper is beautiful. I look forward to seeing more.

  2. Es un conjunto precioso. Me gusta el papel pintado. Una pena que solo se pueda admirar por la buhardilla¡¡¡ El lavabo es muy original.

  3. What a beautiful corner! I love it!

  4. Your house is coming really well! Is elegant. I really like and appreciate your ideas.
    Good job!

  5. It's a wonderful bath... but, no commode? or do they have an outhouse?

  6. I really like your little bathromm, the wallpaper is very nice and everything fits so well together to make it look cozy!
    My dollhouse bathroom is also visible through a window and a door and I put two mirrors in it; it's always interesting to see things through them, it lends a different perspective.

  7. Thank you so much for finding my blog to answer my question, that was really sweet of you. :)

    You have some wonderful details in this room, the things above the sink and of course the mirror is gorgeous. :)


  8. Hello, friend Canadian (what is your name?). I love your house and your work and so I have an award for you: come and collect it whenever you want on my blog.
    A hug, Flora

  9. Oh, how I'd love to soak a few hours in that tub! Love the wallpaper too. This is a very elegant and cheerful little bathroom!

  10. Like Cynthia I would love to spend time in the tub!!!! The bathroom is elegant and colorful and very delicat...I love it!!!!
    Sorry for being an absent blog friend, I will be better :-)
    Synnøve :)
    PS: I am delighted to see the number of followers!!!!!!

  11. Oh, I love the bathroom :) And I need to get that Chrysnbon set, it looks so nice. I especially love the wallpaper, it's great!

    Can't wait to see some more pics :)


  12. Hi!
    Fantastic work, I love the little details. Can I spend an hour in your bathroom?
    Love, Susanne

  13. I lack words!

    beautiful wallpaper and details