Saturday, April 24, 2010


Did I say 1200 slate-look tiles? No, it should have been more than 1800!

What we learned:
The tiles are great to work with and attach firmly with three small dots at the upper edge of the tile with Carpenters wood glue. Take care that the glue does not run down the tile before you attach it as it may reach the lower level of tiles. I selected the edges that I wanted to show but to be honest I don't think it was necessary.

If you are making a large amount of tiles it is best to make more than you need and mix the batches so that you do not have any distinctive areas of tile that seem similar. In the photo you can see that I have a large roof. Your roof is likely not as large so don't be discouraged by the number of tiles that need to be made.

We worked from the centre of the area bottom row first of course as they overlap. Do not trust your eye but draw lines so you will keep your tiles straight. We also ruled lines up from the bottom row to provide a check that we were keeping the joint lines even. You will note the alternate rows are offset so draw that guide line as well. Don't miss this step as it will help you to work quickly and if you have a helper one can put glue on while the other puts them in place. Bruce and I spent some nice hours listening to jazz late night on the radio and working together.

Make sure the tiles on the edge of the roof are given a little extra glue as when it is complete you need to mark the edge before cutting it with a mat knife/box cutter. You can imagine the extra pressure on the edge when you cut so allow for that when you affix the edge tile.

When we were working on individual tiles to fit around the little dormers we used a mat knife. The tiles on the roof edge have been cut with sissors. The Spackle does not shatter when it is cut. We will retouch any white on the tiles with grey paint when we are finished.

The ridge capping tiles have to be done and I will post again once we have worked how best to do it. Bruce is toying with the idea of making copper gutters made of copper water pipe but the jury is out on whether it is practical.


The dormer shows the tile cut to fit. The copper roof caps will be aged as will the tiles. I have a curtain on this window as there is nothing behind it. The opposite side houses the attic bathroom.

Bruce painting the roof before beginning to tile. This colour is the same base colour as the tiles.

Bruce glueing tiles. We are very good at it now!

This view shows the back of house show the tiles trimmed. The tiles have been trimmed on the upper edge but not on the lower edge.

View of the opposite side trimmed. The room that you see will be the childrens' room. I am looking forward to getting back to dressing the rooms.

If anyone has questions we are always happy to help if the directions are not clear.

Spring is well and truly here in Vancouver and I have had a wonderful time in the garden,


  1. What an amazingly beautiful roof! The tiles are made from real stone? My house would, unfortunately, really heavy.
    When I now move, there are two strong men needed.
    It seems wonderful to have such a roof of a light material.

    Greetings, Roelie

  2. Beautiful! Lots of work, but it looks great!

    groetjes Evelien

  3. Hello. First, congratulations for the meticulous work. The house is beautiful to the roof! On 10 April I gave you an award. If you like, come and take it on my blog.
    A big hug and good work

  4. Dear Roelie, Evelien and Flora, Thank you for your comments. Roelie the tiles are Spackle on heavy mat card.... perhaps you did not see the earlier post but I have shown photos and method instructions. It is surprisingly light - for which I am grateful as the shaping of the roof created quite a bit of support plywood that is heavy.
    Thank you Flora for the Award.
    Regards Janine

  5. Once again, Flora, I regret I have no idea how to pick up your award.
    Regards Janine

  6. The slate tiles look fabulous, Janine! I must admit I'm stalling on my roof trying to decide what would be better, my wood shingles I'm half finished cutting or something like this. Great job!

  7. I love your roof and the window is great.

  8. Darling, you must enter through my photos on my blog and search for posts with the pink award (April 10). You'll find the list of winners include your name. Click on the picture and save the image. After you publish your blog. You deserve it right, together with your husband. You are great!
    A big hug from Italy

  9. P.S. Sorry, I said wrong. The post is dated 9 April and the award is heavenly friend craftsman, with the bird ...
    Again a hug

  10. Tremendous!!!! The roof and the window looks just like the real thing!!!
    Synnøve :)

  11. The roof looks very realistic, such a great idea that I will keep in mind for future reference.

  12. The tiles and roof look really good - a technique well worth remembering for the future. Thanks for sharing the idea.