Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Greetings All and a warm welcome to Minworks new followers.

I have found it difficult to settle to write of late as we have had a lot of things happening in our lives. Here are a few photos of the roof to show you more of the process. I know the sequence of the photos is incorrect but I cannot seem to change them once I have downloaded them. I hope the description will assist anyone considering using this roofing technique.

We applied wooden guttering that we painted with copper paint. The inside of the gutters were given some aging with black and dark green paint... then the outside treated to give a verdigris patina.

I decided to add lighting into the Children's bedroom and the entry bringing it up through the chimney. I had to hide the electrical tape on the ceiling of the second floor. The Empire room now has a gilded ceiling (watercolour paper spray painted gold) and the Entry now has the same paper that covers the walls. Bruce has attached all the moldings for the ceiling on the second floor as well. We feel like progress is being made!

Photo 1. Roof with gutter finished!!! Roof yet to be aged but I'm feeling a bit more confident about it now I have realized I can always repaint it if I don't like the aging.

Photo 2. Roof prior to paint touch up and final trimming.

Photo 3. Roof before the guttering is applied.

Photo 4. Roof tipped upside down so Bruce can paint and paper the ceiling of the second floor.

Photo 5. Completed roof tiled.

The following are older photos:

Photo 6. Just a couple of tiles left out to show you the roof ridge prior to finishing the capping.

Photo 7. Completed edges of roof.

Photo 8. Edges of roof - lower section tiled but not retouched with paint after tiles were trimmed to size. Upper section of roof unfinished but showing how tiles connect prior to capping.


  1. A job well done - I like step by step pics!

  2. This roof is amazing! I'll try it with my next (haha) dollhouse. It looks so real.

  3. The roof turned out gorgeous. What a great shape! Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. muchisimas gracias por las explicaciones , el
    resultado es buenísimo, voy a intentarlo
    Saludos desde España.