Tuesday, June 22, 2010


These earrings must date from the 1980's. I bought them, with many other filigree style accessories. I think I paid about .20c a piece at a Thrift Store. That was in the mid 1990's. As you know we miniaturists must NEVER throw anything out!

I thought originally that I might use them as matching mirrors but I think that this use is more interesting for my house. The central disk is 1 1/2", top to bottom they measure 2 1/2". I have two pair of earrings.

The photos show how easily the earrings were converted to formal French-style and Chinoiserie-style decorative wall plaques. I chose an image, cut it out - then painted the central disk very thinly with all-purpose glue before placing the image. I am very happy with the French ladies but may find different images for the others as they seem a little dark. Interesting how a different style is achieved by turning the earring upside down. You can see I cut the dangles from the disk to enable me to attach the silk ribbon but left them on for the others.

Photo 1: French lady with gold silk ribbon.
Photo 2: Earring blanks.
Photo 3: Magazine page for Chinoiserie-style choices.
Photo 4: Cut-out to define image.
Photo 5: Chinoiserie plaque finished.
Photo 6: Pair of French ladies.


  1. Great idea! Looks really beautiful - and all for the price of a few cents :)

  2. How clever you are! There are reasons we never toss anything and these lovelies are a fine example. I like the ribbon hangers.


  3. Beautiful idea. Sometimes it is possible to find treasures in cheap items. SMILE

  4. I really like how you have adapted these items to new use. Among other things, are perfect and make a good impression!
    You always have very good taste :-)

  5. What a great idea - they're very effective and I think I like the French ladies best too.

  6. I've been through all your posts, and im very impressed. You have a great eye for what can work in scale. But most of all im impressed with your design choices and interior decorating skills. Collecting some really amazing pieces and on top furbishing your wonderful house to create the setting to show 'm off... It all looks so inviting, i wanna shrink and walk through each and every room you've done :D Thumbs up for Bruce too