Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Merry, Christmas is not over yet!

Seasons Greetings All, I know everyones attention is turning to the New Year but I wanted to add my best wishes to those of other bloggers in our mini world.

My friend Elizabeth has just begun posting and can be found at

Some of you know that she is an avid mini maker and over the past twenty years has given me so much encouragement, inspiration and actual stuff that I mention her input regularly.

Our mutual friend Fatima visited to help celebrate Elizabeth's birthday last month. It was a wonderful visit and serious miniature discussions were underway until we reluctantly parted to return to our real lives.

Elizabeth never "passes go" until she has left small treasures for my house.  I don't always have to bribe her with chocolate moose cake but it certainly does not do any harm!

Lemon tart  - it looks temptingly edible, the pastry is fantastic! Everything perfect!

 Little Eiffel Tower bauble display, white Christmas tree with snowball meringue and lemon tart.

So Merry Merry everyone.

warmest regards Janine

Oh, I have been working on the courtyard garden .... will post very soon. J.


  1. Bentornata Janine! Buona fine e buon inizio! Sono contenta di vedere un tuo post! Baci.

  2. Wow Janine! Thank you for posting those photos of my work, they look great but you could have cropped me out and I would have been happier! haha My consolation is that you didn't show that 'mad scientist looking crazy lady' one. Whew! I am greatly anticipating seeing your garden. Although we have shared ideas over the phone you and Bruce always produce the most exquisite works of art and such delightful surprises!! I am so looking forward to seeing your tree project as well. Did you decide how you want to finish it, wisteria or hydrangea? Oh, I can hardly wait!
    Happiness, and good health for you and Bruce and all your family in the year to come

  3. And a Merry Merry to you too! well as Boas Festas e Feliz Ano Novo!. I didn't realize I had not subscribed to updates of the blog so now I have. I wondered about it and came looking. So glad that you posted Elizabeth's minis. She is truly an artist but I too agree with her about the photo opp! Yikes! Is that why Bruce's camera broke? You took my photo? Looking forward to seeing your garden updates and perhaps work on my site. Thank you too, for inspiring me to get a move on and "Garfielding" miniteer - fats