Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thank You Katrina in Finland

Aalto Vase:

One last thing before I leave.

A couple of weeks ago we received a little parcel from Finland.  There was great excitement as the Grandchildren waited for me to come home and open it. Of course once opened they were more interested in using the package to create their own mail, stamps etc and they had a wonderful afternoon playing sending and receiving mail from far off places.

The sweet Aalto vase is formed in resin by Jutta of Mrs Who's Crafts. I am sure it must a difficult process.

I quickly made some pink roses to display in it as my collection of orange roses did not look right.  Then anxious drama, I could not find the Aalto vase. I searched high and low and was convinced I had sent it back to Finland. I used the same bubble pack Katrina sent to me to enclose some small kitchen items I wanted her to have.

What a relief when I found the vase just where I thought I had left it! How I missed it I do not know!

Thank you Katrina for your kind thought in sending me this iconic-design vase from Finland!

You can visit Katrina's blog Her most recent blog shows some sweet wreaths made with mini Easter eggs.

regards to all Janine


  1. The vase is stunning. I love Finnish things. I had a Finnish penfriend for about 26 years and used to love flicking through the design and architectural magazines that were occasionally sent to me.

  2. It's really unusual, what a special gift. And clever you making such pretty roses to put in it.

    Wishing you a 'bon voyage' - may the weather and the water be good to you as you journey Downunder.

  3. The vase is exquisite. She is certainly a very talented lady. Your roses are marvelous, Janine. I am so happy you were able to find the vase! It's nice to hear from you. I'm afraid I have forgotten your departure date. As a matter of fact, I thought you were already gone. Take care! I will miss you!

  4. Que vaso lindo! Está maravilhoso com as rosas.

    *crianças e gatinhos adoram as embalagens. =)

    Estou fazendo sorteio de uma família estilo Tilda lá em meu blog, venha participar

  6. Hello Janine! The pink roses look so pretty in the vase! The way you have them displayed is just the way they should be as they compliment each other perfectly. Well done! Is that the chest from the parlor that they are sitting on?


  7. Phew ! :):)

    Your roses are gorgeous and I have been very taken with Katrina's retro-chic vases.

  8. Hello Janine,
    It is a wonderful vase and I love your roses. What a great accessory to make a room magic.
    Big hug,

  9. Me ha encantado su blog y enseguida me he hecho seguidora suya!!!
    El jarrón es precioso y las rosas muy hermosas, se verán lindas en cualquier sitio que usted elija!!!
    Besitooos......Carmen ( Hadanet )

  10. So glad you were able to find the vase. It is beautiful and the roses are great. I'm still shying away from making roses. You have inspired me to make flowers and not just plants. What a great way to end this temporary absence. I shall miss your blog and your company! Boa viagem, minha amiga Janine!

  11. This vase is original and the roses are perfect.
    Greetings, Faby

  12. So happy that you found the vase, roses fits perfectly in the pink vase :)

  13. Lucky you to receive such a delightful gift. Congratulations on a wonderful blog - I understand the detail.

  14. Me encanta tu blog, tu casa es fabulosa. Tienes trabajos maravillosos. Un abrazo, Arantza.

  15. Hello Janine
    The bed can you find here
    Regards Janne

  16. The vase is so unique & the roses you made fit perfectly.