Friday, March 29, 2013

Photo Finish:

Dear All,

 If you do not want to be overexposed to my mini-photos now is the time to turn back!

This will be my last post and I know one should edit, edit, edit but here are the photos Bruce took just before he headed to Australia.

The Entry:
A view from the dining room.  Mirror gilded and aged by Janine - actually a Christmas decoration, orchid by Elizabeth of studioeminiatures. displayed in a silver-coloured tea caddy. Entry table by Bespaq. I purchased all of the French-styled furniture unfinished.


A small addition of a beautiful umbrella made by Fatima. I hope that you will soon see her blog Beauxminis as I know she is working on it.  I have to warn you that she is a perfectionist and it is reflected in her work!

If you wish you may see a more detailed summary of the entry in an earlier posts: December 2011 Decorated for Xmas and January 2012 Entry. 

Above: Photo taken from the Grand  Salon through the dining room into the entry. You will see the broken bowl that in this scenario the curious cat has knocked to the floor. In actuality two soccer playing sons landed their soccer ball on it and broke it. Will I ever forgive them....... I'm trying! Of course that was almost twenty years ago!


Now we should run up to the bathroom for a quick view. Yes all is in order. 

However after consultation with the Miniteers there may be some changes on the horizon. Perhaps the molding will be bulked up a little and a transom window appear above the door.  Hopefully that will enable us to look through to the large lantern light in the entry.

Assorted bead bottles above the sink.  Cupboard filled with towels, soaps and more labelled bead bottles, Jean d Arc figurine and gilded bird cage on top. Unopened drawer filled with toilet rolls. 

Above the bath,  jewellery findings and gel caps form candlesticks, print of a young girl, roses from the garden and a vintage travel clock.  In the bath, shampoo and bath oil bead bottles, shell with soap, wash cloth and sponge.  On the wall next to the bath - more lovely soap in a pedestal bowl, fluffy towels, bath salts etc etc.

Time is flying, quick, better head back downstairs to see if the silver should be polished or left to develop a time-worn patina.  Mmm, my vote is?

China Cabinets Dining Room:

Bespaq painted with suede acrylic paint and gold highlights.  I removed the glass shelves and glued French prints onto the backs of the cabinet. I then replaced the shelves but attached the displays to an acrylic sheet the same size as the glass. This enables me to change the display if I should choose. I think I had more cranberry glass and less silver in the display when I posted in the planning stages February 2010 Dining Room Display Cases.

The Grand Salon:

Oh yes, still in limbo but I will apply myself to this room when I return. Note the nice light from a French door that leads into the entry. 

I did make a little breakthrough when I found a table mat that reminded me of sisal. It is a flat weave in light gold. I layered a print of a rug onto suede paper that looks like one of the soft coloured over dyed rugs one sees about these days.

Elizabeth just gave me a fire screen, made particularly for this room, that matches the blue willow wear jars on the bombe chest at the far end of the room. ( You wonder, what do I give Elizabeth - well not nearly enough but I did take several bags of seaweed and sea soil for her garden earlier in the week. As an aside I encouraged her to post her amazing real-life garden. I hope she will.)

Back to mini: I am considering doing a full wall of books and putting a campaign type table-desk under the window to create a library. This room certainly needs a reason for the imagined occupants to come and linger. Below - great spot to read.

The dining room: 

What no chairs - no, far too many people will be meandering about the table and heading out into the garden to eat in the soft summer night. 

The ice tub filled with pear cider and white wine replaces the broken bowl in the entry. Breads by studioeminiatures.

 Thank you so much for all your encouragement and comments.  I really appreciate that you actually follow my site. It amazes me.

I have had such a lot of pleasure from working on this little house. Still unfinished, but what house is ever quite "done". 

To those in the Northern Hemisphere, have a wonderful spring and summer and to those in the Southern climes I hope you have a mild winter season.

I will try and visit your blogs from time to time while we travel but I will really enjoy catching up when I return. 

All the best. Keep safe and happy. 

regards Janine


  1. Everything is just stunning Janine. I am in awe. Are you going to add a miniature cat running away from the scene of the crime? I hope you and your husband have a wonderful adventure and look forward to seeing you back blogging on your return. I am also looking forward to viewing Fatima's blog when it is up and running. Happy Easter.

    1. Good Morning Sharee, Hope you have a wonderful mini time while your family escapes. I did put the replica of my cat Cleo at the end of the January 2012 posting. You will see her on the entry table just after she has knocked the bowl to the floor.
      Actually the real Cleo did break quite a bit of Spode China some years ago. I always wash and dry my good china by hand and it was stacked ready to go away when she jumped onto the counter and knocked things flying.
      Luckily I prefer living things to those that are replaceable and she remained totally unaware of the teeth gnashing that went on after it happened.
      regards Janine

    2. Mini Cleo is gorgeous - I love that scene. It is very easy to forgive our real four legged friends isn't it.

  2. Ah....just when I thought I was going to be first to comment on your post. Try try again. Thank you for posting all the lovely pics Janine. It will be great to have them as a point of reference when you are away traveling and feel "mini"homesick. You just need to head to the nearest cafe and there it all is. Everything is amazing! Love it all.
    PS: How about adding the soccer ball?

  3. Whoops...just realized I signed on as "beauxminis". Sorry, just me.

    1. Hi Fatima. Sorry about jumping ahead of you. I'll try and be more restrained next time. I am looking forward to your blog when it is up and running and I just found you on Pinterest.

  4. Bon voyage Janine! Thanks for the photo finish, love, love your blue and white china. I'd go to my grave regretting the loss of that beautiful bowl. Mind you, a few of my dogs have eaten pieces of my crochet but, like you, it's hard not to forgive them.

  5. Thanks for the photos, Janine! I know all about pets destroying things but we keep on forgiving them and loving them nevertheless. Have a safe trip and happy times!

  6. Wishing you all the best! Safe travels to you! :D

  7. Hi Janine! It is such a pleasure to look at photos of this lovely home! There have been so many changes and so many adventures within its walls. Both Finn and Gus as well as Fats and I, have loved being involved in the process and it is hard to think of it being on hold for at least half of the year! Nevertheless, these photos will help us all to pass the time in a pleasant reverie whilst you are out and about in the Australian Outback! So "Tie me kangaroo down" and 'Watlzing Matilda' will be heard all around my house, as I work at putting all that wonderful rotted seaweed on all the plants in my real life garden. I as well as the flowers thank you for it, and wish you and Bruce a Wonderful time away. God Bless you and keep you safe.


  8. Hello Janine, I have loved seeing all of the photos of your house and very much enjoyed following the build of the rooms.

    A few weeks ago I was at the garden centre where they sell fantastic artificial flowers as well as real plants. I thought of the wonderful garden you created using plastic leaves and thought I could follow your lead and I bought plastic tea plants which are small enough to use as a hedge or as a tree. I have since made a small tree with it. It makes me think of you every time I look at it. Really!

    In this post I love the idea of creating a library space in the room (something I have been contemplating for my RL living room). The reading spot is gorgeous, love the big books underneath the table.

    I hope to see you back here after the summer. Have a wonderful trip!


  9. Hello Janine, there are no words when I look at your dollhouse and various details. Everything is beautiful. I can only admire it. --- I wish you peaceful Easter and wonderful journey and blessing. Many, many hugs

  10. Hello Janine!
    What a treat to get to see your amazing house and some up close pictures. I love it!
    Travel Safe!
    Kindest regard to you,

  11. Wonderful pictures :) have a safe and funfilled journey :))

  12. What a joy to see all these beautiful photos! Amazing work!

  13. Eu estou encantada por cada detalhe que você mostrou aqui. Um maravilhoso trabalho.
    Feliz Páscoa!

  14. I just found you and you are leaving... Enjoyed the photos very much and will look for you come winter. Have a wonderful delightful stay.

  15. Thanks for the tour, Janine . How can there ever be too many pictures?

    Now on to your tour. Travel safe! :)

  16. It's a lovely house and beautifully decorated. I enjoyed seeing the whole front too. I'll certainly be looking back over your past posts.

    Hope you have a lovely trip.

  17. Hello Janine,
    I miss your posts allready :(
    What a feast for the eyes! Beautiful.
    Have a safe and happy trip,
    Big hug,

  18. We will miss you!!!! Realy had a good time, looking at the photo's of your beautiful house:))) Hugs Sab

  19. Happy Birthday Janine! Hope this on the link to view your card.

  20. Beautiful pictures and blog :)
    Have a lovley trip


  21. Lovely view on a lovely house :) Adorable !