Friday, March 15, 2013

Children's Room

Children's Room:

An attic bedroom. I posted this back in April of 2010. You will not be able to view it as I put it into drafts by mistake when I was looking back at the post. I had just finished the bathroom that you can see through the door and had arranged the beds side by side on the wall to the right of the fireplace. You can see the bathroom in detail in past posts under Attic Bathroom April 7, 2010.

The new layout opens the space so you can see into the room. I had almost no accessories and now I look at the photos I notice I did not dress the mantle. Perhaps I will find some new things while I am away this summer.

I had always wanted to do a toile room. The wall paper is fabric attached to watercolour paper by spray adhesive. It is a fine cotton and it was very easy to work with. I did not show it but the chair beside the fireplae has the little check for a seat cover and a toile cushion as well as a petit point style cushion.

The door to the left has blackboard paint on it and drawings by two of the grandchildren. It opens to the impression of a stairway leading downstairs. The cart has a knitted sock monkey and a lady bunny by Elizabeth. The tiny suede bear has leather ears and is jointed. He was a lucky find a long time ago. I have been working on this house and acquiring items for it since the mid '90's. Bruce built it from 10mm ply and it was largely unfinished. I remember going to the Seattle show and buying almost every item of Bespaq furniture you will see in the house. It was quite a day and I was in shock for several months.

Elizabeth encouraged my interest in miniatures and she has given me so many things for this house over the past twenty years.

The bunnies are waiting for visitors so they can begin afternoon tea. Lots of toys have found a place in the dollhouse and on top of the trunks. Bunnies by Janine from a tutorial by Elizabeth. Petit fours and pedestal tray by

The bunny button on the shelf is from a romper suit that #1 son wore. He is now 38... can that be right!
The yellow robot and also the little yellow car also belonged to the boys when they were small. When they left home I bought their playmobile, lego, matchbox cars and mini things and their children now play with them!

Fatima, Elizabeth and I attended the Seattle Miniature Show a couple of weeks ago, one of the items I bought was the little wicker trolley that the felted mouse hopes will take him far. I also bought the sailing boat. Beside it is a glass canister filled with tiny shells found on our Pacific sailing adventure.

Fatima made the wonderful christening gown displayed on the cupboard made by Bruce. Inside are a pair of perfect booties.

The play table top is a circle of wood painted black with a wood marquetry motif modge podged to the top.The elaborate metal support is a thrift store find. I think it may have been a glass holder.

Note the light above the painting of a girl above the bed. It works only because of Bruce's inventive solution to pulling the wiring through the roof area.
He drilled a hole behind where the painting hangs into the roof space that has two support walls. He then fished wires through to provide power for that light.

It was not in the original wiring plan to have a bed in this position but it works so well and so neat with the little light burning above the bed.

Good Night!


  1. I love this room. I find it has a French touch. There are so many gorgeous toys.

  2. Oh no! What were you doing up so late/early? Not complaining as I have been eagerly waiting for a post from you. The room is beautiful. I'm sure your granddaughter will enjoy seeing it and perhaps moving a couple of things around. After all she has been inspired by you and from what I see has developed the mini bug. But wait #1 son 38? When did that happen? OMG!

  3. I think it is a very fancy room:))) Beautiful miniatures to discover on the photo's! But the bench in the corner is a jewel to me,love it! I did some changes on the bench...think you will like it and hope to inspire you?

  4. I love the toile. In fact I just love so much in this room that I couldn't start listing everything. It is just exquisite. All I can say is that if I was a child in this room I would never want to leave - in fact if I was an adult in this room I would never want to leave. It is lovely that you have some of your son's toys in this room also, it makes it even more special.

  5. Hi Janine! I agree with Sab that the bench is a jewel! This room absolutely pops. It's what dreams are made of. It's the sort of room one sees in decorator magazines. I love your concept of mixing toile with check. It's genius. I would be very happy to redo my bedroom using this room as inspiration. It's due for a redo. It's overdue! Please be proud of this room. It's fabulous!

  6. Hello Janine! I too love this room! I love toile and checks and I love the warmth that is in every corner! The light over the bed is perfect : Hooray Bruce! !!!! Now that the light problem is solved it has encouraged you to get this pretty room done. What a good feeling that is! The light makes sense and brightens up that corner so well. Fatima's christening gown is beautifully highlighted as a result. I like your arrangement of story books on the little round table,it is just TOO cute! You have done such a great job of making this space a childhood dream come true!


  7. I love chidren room!
    beauty work

  8. What a beautiful room. A collection of so many things and great attention to detail. The wicker trolly is just divine and really adds to the room.

    ML Fi x

  9. What a lovely room with so many interesting bits and pieces.

  10. Hell oJanine,
    I lvoe your work on so many levels. -your rooms are so well planed. the layout is always perfect, not too much to overpower the viewer. -your craftsmanship is superb and faultless. -and your esthetic is breathtaking. this room is so charming, warm and welcoming. any child would be thankful to grow up in such a space. Fantastic work Janine.
    Big hug,

  11. HI! Love your room. So many fantastic beautiful furniture and things. It is like a dreamroom.

    Greetings from your new follower
    Lil in Sweden

  12. It looks fabulous! I love the cross that holds your necklaces.

  13. Just love this room ) Maybe my favorite.