Wednesday, February 27, 2013



Dear All,
Soon the gardener will be outside the walls wearing her large sun hat and armed with her clippers. Foliage will fly, the spiders will scatter and soon all will be, once more, under control!

I am sure there is a little birds nest in the tree near the gate. I am pretty sure the chicks  fledged earlier in August but I will walk very quietly past just in case.

Mini Hedge Workbook:

Our friend Fatima brought the mat displayed below for show and tell at one of our mini musketeers get togethers and said. "Perhaps you would like to take some of this greenery and see what can be done with it."

Elizabeth of jumped for joy and said: "It is a hedge".
Yes, Elizabeth, you were right  - once again.
Fatima gave me the whole mat to see if it would work and I think it works very well. The price is certainly right!  Thanks Fatima for your sharp eyes and generosity!

You can see by the photo above that the foliage is on a grid, each plant can be used individually or as a run. I cut the left side two narrow rectangles and glued it on to cardboard. I then filled the rectangles with white glue and pressed my tea/coffee dirt mix into the glue to form a semblance of a garden bed. The piece below was cut off the run as it was  too long.

Here is an unfinished wall.

Now the hedge is sitting in place. You can see part of the garden soil on the right hand edge.
I think it took about an hour to get the hedging into place. I will have to do some fine tuning but it was such an easy project.

The gardener will consider if the hedge needs some infill planting and perhaps some minor pruning.

Oh, I can do all that in the late afternoon, it's too hot to work. I think I'll retire into the shade, drink lemonade and read a book. 

Regards Janine

PS. My book club LAFF, Literary Association for Fun has just read Half of A Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a tale about the Biafran War and events leading up to their attempt to separate from Nigeria. A great book for discussion.

There are ten members of LAFF. We meet once a month except July and August and each takes a turn to host an evening of lively discussion, good food and of course wine! 

Our LAFF group has been together for twenty years. I was so grateful they saved my place for me while I was travelling.

Regards Janine


  1. It looks great Janine! I love the lush feel it gives to the garden. The different colours of green of all of the foliage work so well with the yellow, white and blue of the house, very pretty!

  2. Perfecto! esta real!!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  3. Janine, beautiful work. When I saw your first photo, I thought that if it was the photo of a book jacket, I would buy it. You're so lucky to belong to a book club. It's been my dream for so many years. There is a group at my library but they meet at night and I don't go out at night. I cant see myself waiting for a bus on a dark corner. Too dangerous. That book you just read "Half of a Yellow Sun" is a favourite of mine. I read it a few years ago and I have it on one of my shelves. As for that grass Fatima gave you, I have seen it in stores. Now that I've seen what can be done with it, I will get some. Thanks for all the lovely photos.

  4. Hi Janine,
    your project is so beautiful,
    I really like the gate.

  5. Gorgeous! What a find, this 'turf'. Thanks for the explanation and all the photos, makes it look really easy :))

    Of course, I now need a garden for my dollshouse!

  6. Hello Janine! Well you certainly have been a busy girl over the last few days and it has been a treat to see the work done on the garden since last we talked! The trees next to the gate look perfect and the hedge does indeed look lush as Josje said. We will have a wonderful time looking at it in person when we meet a few days hence. Looking forward to it!


  7. Did anybody told you, that you are a great gardener:)))))

  8. Well...what a surprise!
    I came to the site to look at the garden again, since it is raining and I don't feel like going to walk the dogs. And there was a new posting. So lucky that I refreshed my browser. The hedge looks great. So happy that you liked it and used it.
    Can't wait for tomorrow when we go to the Seattle Miniature Show. fats

  9. The hedging has worked out perfectly. In fact the whole landscaping is absolutely wonderful.

    Thanks for your nice comment about the little French attic. All's well here thanks, taking some time this week to work on Emily's apartment, have some tutoring at uni starting soon so making the most of a bit of extra spare time beforehand. Hope to post the completed (accessorised) kitchen soon, and starting now on lining the dining area walls.

  10. The landscaping is so nice. The area looks real! I really like what you have done!
    Many hugs and kisses, Conny

  11. everything looks so amazing. Do you know, I love the way the sink skirt puddles at the bottom. I think it gives it such a chic look. Very sort of old world feel. More natural. If it were me I would not hem it, but that is me. You do such a great job on all your rooms. You know, you're not a "wanna" be decorator, you ARE a decorator. xoxo tami