Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BIRD Bedroom:

Bird Bedroom:

In my imagination the owners of the house occupy this bedroom. The lady of the house is adept at rescuing and finding loving homes for all manner of textiles. Linen bedding, damask tablecloths, sections of lace, time-mellowed quilts and monogrammed textiles are washed and dried on the grass or flapping in the wind.

The light is excellent in the bird room and many a quiet hour is spent carefully restoring the tattered edgings of sun bleached linens. She can also, unobserved, watch her Grandchildren play in the safety of the walled courtyard.

The door has been hand painted with a bird and vine motif to match the wallpaper.

The bird room is so named because of the blue birds on the wallpaper.

Below you can see the full depth of the room. It feels quite sparse at this stage.

Below are some of the details that make the room begin to feel occupied. It really is helpful to photograph your work. I can see now that I need a bench across the bottom of the bed.  Perhaps work in progress across the bottom of the couch. I did place a pillow on the desk chair and now have made more linens to fill the spaces in the armoire. I need to make light-covered books to stack under the bedside table on the left side of the bed and some distinctive items for the top of the right side. I have more pictures in frames and a mirror I may add to the right side of the bed. 

A dressmakers model waits to be adorned. Above in the armoire two birdcages are displayed. Linens, napkins, quilts and lace all freshly mended and ironed accumulate in the armoire. It is sometimes difficult to part with some of these treasures. 

Beside the chaise lounge is a small sewing basket full of thread and laces. The newly-pressed basket of linens waits to be stored. The desk displays a tea tray, lamp, mirror and medieval plaster statue as well as a collection of monogrammed napkins,  leather diary, framed photograph and vanity tray. 

Monogrammed sheets and napkins, tea and vanity tray by StudioEMiniatures.

It is always fun to peek into rooms through the window! The doorway leads out into the hallway of the two story entry. If you have time please visit these rooms in Older Posts:  Entry March 1, 2012 and the opposite door is the Empire Room March 12, 2012.


  1. Hello Janine! What a lovely room this is! It is so nice to become reacquainted with it once again! I was wondering where you were planning on displaying the tea tray and I must say it looks entirely at home in this serene and tranquil room. I think the window must have been left open as a little bird has come to rest on the tray, probably looking for crumbs!?


    1. Dear Elizabeth..... Where else would the tray with the tiny bird find it's proper place? For a closer look at this wonderful tray it can be found in an older post . December 31' 2011.
      Now that I am getting closer to finishing this mini house perhaps I need to whisper the theme of my next house to you so you can begin work on another tray!
      See you soon.

  2. Splendid....absolutely splendid. I am disappointed that I cannot see the "little bird on the tray". Or is this Elizabeth testing us? Where oh where is the little bird? fats

    1. Good Morning Fatima, The chickadee is to the left of the flowers at the back of the tray! Of course she is testing us - to be more observant and aware of our surroundings!

  3. That bed is just sooooooooo beautiful!!!!! love it:) Just like the rest of the bedroom...:)

  4. Epoustouflant, chapeau !

  5. I love all things birds and that wallpaper is gorgeous. Love the room and all of its contents. The linen cupboard is stunning with all of its contents. I envy the residents.

  6. Wow what a wonderful room. I love everything about it. The wallpaper is beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

  7. This room is lovely, very feminine and creative.
    Transmits a great positivity :-)
    I adore the wardrobe, the true heart of the room.
    Beautiful work

  8. It all looks soooo lovely Janine, there are many items I love....your desk look fabulous!!!! I agree with you that a camera is your best friend when setting a room, it tells no lies.

    Linda x

  9. The bird room is wonderful. I particularly like your choice of wallpaper.My favourite photo is the one looking through the window. The table set was a fabulous choice. I can't wait to see more.

  10. Gorgeous room, your dressed bed is just beautiful, the desk and all items on it look perfect, and of course I love the armoire filled with precious linens.

  11. Dear Janine, you do have the magic touch! The armoire with its collection of bedding and textiles is fabulous. I love the chaise longue. It gives me an insight into the lady of the house. It tells me that once in a while, she likes to play "a la grande dame" and abandon herself to its comfort with a good novel and a box of bonbons wearing a silk negligee and dainty "pantoufles". The magnificent bed is dressed to perfection. All the precious pieces of the lady of the house's collection are tastefully disposed of. Once again, you have spoiled us with your unique ability to put a room together. I am once again inspired and roaring to go!

  12. What a beautiful room, Janine. I especially love the furniture.

  13. This is a beautiful bedroom. I love the inside of the wardrobe. You have added accessories that are real treasures, like on the desk.

  14. I love this room! Bluebirds are my favorite bird as they come most springs to our yard and our birdhouses that welcome them. So I am loving this wallpaper and every single thing about this room.... New to your blog and so glad I found it. Hugs, LJ

  15. Dear Janine,
    I love the bed. What a wonderful thing. Also the desk is amazing. I think the bedroom is bit full. I would put the basket somewhere else.
    Hugs Dorien

  16. It's a lovely room and I really like how you've filled the armoire and dressed the bed. I will definitely be going back to the beginning of this project!

  17. Hello Janine,
    Magnificent. you really accessorize a room to perfection. It really feels like a lived in room. not a miniature setting. Your attention to detail is incredible and well worth all the hard work.
    I love it!
    Big hug,