Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kitchen Island:

Going Travelling:

Soon I will pack my bags and head to Australia for almost five months. Bruce departed two weeks ago I will follow next week.

Unfortunately we will miss most of our British Columbia summer. We will  land cruise in Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia during the Australian winter which is the perfect time to be in those areas.

Kitchen Again!

Well, what can I say! I thought I was finished and then I decided to cut a door into the courtyard. Then I decided I should have an island in the kitchen area! Gosh, this is sounding so much like my real size house.  The only difference is that I have to warn Bruce not to do anything on the real house until I am sure it is what I have finally decided. Otherwise, out with the wrecking bar or whatever and a wall is down or moved while I went out for tea with friends!

Below: Most of the things on the table are gifts from Studioeminiatures  Do go and visit as Elizabeth posts wonderful tutorials as well as showing her work in progress on her miniature houses.  Elizabeth also gave me the violets in the clay pot and the sweet pie plates, the painted rooster and cook books.

The top of the island has been treated to create a zinc top look. The baskets contain potatoes, eggs and pink dried hydrangeas.

Below is the lovely saucepan support that hangs above the island -  a gift from Fatima. Fatima found one each for Elizabeth and for me.   It is from the Hallmark Christmas collection 2002.  It was perfect in scale except for the hooks that held the pans. I removed the original hooks and made smaller ones and changed a couple of the items.

The ceiling is high with wooden beams so I was not able to attach it directly to the ceiling nor to a beam as none were correctly placed.
Bruce attached a brass rod to the hanger with a plate soldered to the top to connect it the ceiling. Now it is at the correct height and somewhat controlled in its movement. A chain attachment would be constantly on the swing!  That would remind me of being at sea!

This photo shows the island in place. Now that I have examined the photos I can see that I need to paint and distress the legs of the island.

Am I posting too many photos? 

A light lunch.  The lemon tart is very tempting but there is a big party tonight!  Everyone is invited!


  1. The kitchen looks marvellous. The blue table and chairs were a great choice.
    Good luck with your travels. Ive lived here my whole life and have never seen the Northern Territory or Western Australia. There are some absolutely beautiful areas over there...I'm super jealous.

  2. Hi Janine! The kitchen looks lovely and the zinc top kitchen island is very nicely done! I Bet it will be missing you too while you are away!
    Looking forward to our visit next week! We shall have to make it a memorable one!


  3. Hallo Janine!

    Your kitchen is lovely and full of details!!!
    Have a wonderful trip and enjoy it :)

    Hugs Lina

  4. Never too many photos! Love the pot hanger. Looking very inviting. Enjoy the land cruising, mind the crocs.

  5. Buon viaggio Janine. Ero così contenta che eri tornata sulla tua dollhouse e a pubblicare dei nuovi post,...che ora vai già via e....cinque mesi sono lunghi, spero che ritornerai sul tuo blog al ritorno.

  6. Too many photos? No way! I always enjoy looking at your kitchen. There is always something new :).I will miss seeing your minis when you travel but bon voyage! Australia will be fun , I am sure.

  7. Hi Janine! I'm going to miss you so much! Did you say too many photos? Never enough! I love your house so much. The island top is a success and I love the colour. That is a very nice pot rack Fatima gave you. You three girls are so lucky to be part of such a wonderful threesome. "The three miniteers"! Such a cute name you call yourselves. Your beautiful house enchants me every time I look at it. Stay safe you and Bruce during your trip. I look forward to your return.

  8. Never to much photos for me;) Every thing looks z
    So great, it is just a fantastic little warm kitchen!!! 5 months you say??? Will you be able to work on your minis or will we miss you all these months???

  9. Too many photos? Of course not. I love seeing them, the kitchen island is great, it's a perfect addition to your kitchen. I love its top.
    Bon voyage!

  10. Hi Janine,

    It all looks fantastic! You have some lovely minis and so nice to have treasures from friends!

    How exciting to be in Australia for 5 months, it will be perfect up north that time of year. Just remember if you are down this neck of the woods you know where to find me....; )

    ML Fi xx

  11. The island is beautiful! It is perfect in your lovely kitchen. Yeah I need to see many photos of every detail of your beautiful work. ;)

  12. Never never to many photos....keep them coming. So little time to see so much more. Will miss you my miniteer when you are down under...In the meantime I ditto Elizabeth...we will have to make the most of our day on Tuesday.

  13. There are never too many photos! The table is ideal for your kitchen. It all looks lovely.

  14. All the best for a fabulous trip to Australia.

  15. Hello Janine,
    One can never post too many photos! I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip. The island is wonderful and the entire kitchen is just perfect. I will miss your posts and your work, so do not stay away too long.
    Big hug,
    p.s. A very merry belated birthday Janine. i wish you all the best.
    Big birthday hug!

  16. The kitchen is gorgeous! Have a wonderful trip!

  17. I love your kitchen! I will also answer your question you posted to my blog here. I do not know if Google will be offering an alternative once it shuts down Reader. I do know there are a number of petitions out there to keep it going so I am crossing my fingers as I actually like Google Reader, but in the meantime, I am trying out feedly and Flipboard to get used to them in case Google does cut off Reader after all.