Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Starting Small

Starting Small:

After a wonderful summer travelling it is hard to settle back into day-to-day life.  A meeting of the three Miniteers was necessary to reenter the world of minis.

We met at Elizabeth's house as Fatima and I needed to see the progress on #43 Green Dolphin Street.  It is just fabulous, full of character and atmosphere.

We keep telling each other that we will do a project when we get together but there is always so much to talk about and share that projects go on the back burner.

Fatima and Elizabeth kindly made gifts for my MiniHouse to encourage me to get back to work.

Fatima made a Paris Scrapbook Album. I have not photographed all the pages but here are a few, she also made cold porcelain as an experiment. Sorry Fats it is still in the freezer. I am  hopeful that I will do something with it soon.

The book is filled with tiny dried flowers and leaves, postcards, maps, fashion plates, photos of iconic landmarks, stamps and pages of letters. An amazing gift.  She also produced some book covers of biography's of Napoleon.

Elizabeth recognized that I need a rug for the dining room so created one for me. It is also perfect.

Of course a winter's day cannot pass without bread rising in a bowl and a couple of new jars of jam to add to the pantry.

Elizabeth also found a collection of frames. I can imagine creating a mold to generate a wall full of frames.

Thank you both Fatima of Beauxminis (blog being constructed) and Elizabeth of StudioE Miniatures StudioEMiniatures, both kind and generous friends who make me so happy just to be with them.

So well did they inspire me that I decided to begin a small project to move me from outdoor persuits to indoor ones as the weather begins to cool.

The bathroom has seemed rather blah! I wondered if the wallpaper was too crisp. I wondered if the tiles were too white  ....... wondering, wondering. Obviously I needed advise from the other two Miniteers! It was decided a transom lite may do the trick to break up the large wall.

Call in the trusty man with the trusty Dremel and cross ones fingers.

So far so good the wallpaper has not torn. A bit of a worry as I don't have any more of the bathroom paper. Oh, yes, I did check on my electrical plan that there was not any wiring in that area.

Note to all miniaturists and a reminder to self - never, never throw any small bits of trim away!
This little window was made with such small pieces.

Mmmm - looking better.  I think that following Elizabeth's StudioE Miniatures example on her Je t' a Door posting I need light switches in all the rooms! Now that is another small start.
regards Janine

Jonquil enquired about the accessory that Bruce used to cut the hole for the transom light. He used the same one for the door from the kitchen into the courtyard. We hope that the following photo will help her find the one she will need.

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  1. I think you did just the perfect thing with the transom, it really adds something to the wall. I have to ask, because I am a little afraid of my Dremel, but which attachment did your trusty man use? It looks like a jigsaw, and as I have to cut holes in my house walls (dreading it), it looks like just the thing I need.

    And what lovely presents, lucky you! The album has so much amazing detail, but I particularly love the jam jars and cloths. Please tell Fatima that I can't wait for her blog to be constructed, she is very talented!


    1. Dear Jonquil, The tool is not a jigsaw but a vibrating blade tool. I have found it to be very useful and forgiving. The photo indicates the tool and the blades I used. They are available in many different widths.

      I have added a photo to the bottom of the "Starting Small" post.

      I use a Dremel brand but there are many manufacturers producing the same tool and attachments.
      Masking tape helps to protect the surface as you cut, better placed on both sides.
      Hope this helps.
      Regards Bruce

  2. Fabulous seeing you back into your miniatures Janine and what wonderful gifts from Elizabeth and Fatima. I really admire your friendships and the way you support and encourage each other in your interests. I'm sure you will be well immersed into miniatures again quickly. Great work by you and the man with the trusty Dremel on the transom light.

  3. DARLING I LOVE IT!!! Tell that trusty man that he is TOPS in my book! This transom gives the room so much more Presence and a real focal point! It breaks up that block of blue and adds light with both the window opening and the trim around it! Bravo Mr. B and Welcome Back to the Land of Littles Janine!


    p.s. I didn't know that you were going to use the carpet in your dining room? How wonderful!!!! :D

  4. How nice to have friends who share your love for the thumbnails! I met Elizabeth through you, and just put the blog I was his first follower. I can not wait to see also that of Fatima. I'm glad you came back to your house in miniature!

  5. Wow, thats awesome!
    it just adds to much to that room and in real life they used it to let the poop smell out (which is sort of strange because why would you want that poop smell all through the house? or in the 1930 horror/thrillers they open it up and black jack the person on the other side..I watch too many old movies) Im glad you are back to making mini's again with Rugs and Photos you're good to go :)


  6. Dear Janine,
    What a wonderful job. That window looks wonderful. It's upgrading the room.
    You got nice presents from your friends.
    Hugs Dorien

  7. I adore your Paris sweet! I really enjoyed seeing your Aussie holiday photos, I cannot believe you didn't visit when your were in Hobart....(perhaps next time...?).

  8. I think the transom window is fabulous. It really looks good, and you would never know that it was added later on.
    I LOVE the Paris scrapbook! So cute!

  9. Hello my dear friend Janine. What a lovely surprise to see that you have posted on your blog. Welcome back to blog land. I just stopped by Studio E when I explained that I came up for air after a number of days focused on my website. To my surprise both of you had posted. Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with us all. You had such a great vision in thinking of the transom. Truly a great addition. Love love! And thanks to Bruce for making the little Paris scrapbook look so good. You make me "blush" back to work I go....

  10. What beautiful gifts! I love the Paris album. It must be great to meet with two friends who have the same passion.
    I like very much what you've done in your bathroom.

  11. Dear Janine, I was delighted to noticing that you have come back. Thank you for telling about your interesting summer travelling. I have thought about you many times during your travelling. It was interesting to see the map where you had marked your route. A long way really! - I love your file about Paris. So small and so many details. I and my husband use to make a fotoalbum about our travellings. In the Spring we spended in Paris 10 days. There is a fotoalbum also about this journey made by us. It is lovely to recall the journeys we have made afterwards. I wish you all the best. Many hugs Kati

  12. Just found your blog through Pinterest! Your miniatures are gorgeous, can't wait to look at all your pictures!

  13. I don't know how I didn't see this post earlier. I had no idea that you were in the same neck of the woods as Elizabeth and Fatima - you lucky devil! How fabulous to be able to hang out with such wonderful miniaturists!! Their gifts are truly special, I'm totally in love with the little Paris scrapbook - definately filing that idea in the mental to-do drawer. Looking forward to seeing more progress, and I really want one of those saw attachments, I'll have to investigate more about that.

  14. Wow! There's a lot of talent on this page. Your gift book is amazing. I've always thoguht it would be so fun to have a miniature house. Yours is coming along quite nicely. So nice to have your input over at my place. I appreciate the good word!

  15. I just love your blog!
    The mini scrapbook is fabulous!
    Gail Harmon Cason
    The Little House at Pinehaven

  16. The added window looks wonderful! Such a small addition can just transform a room! Now I must say I am always 'in' for adding personal touches to store bought things like windows and doors ;-)
    The gifts you received are lovely. That scrapbook is just delightful!

  17. Such a great scrapbook! And Elizabeth's work is sensational.
    I love your transom Janine! It changes the space completely!

  18. What a fabulous gift exchange you three have had, I love the first pic of the Paris scrapbook on your chair it looks beautiful. I didn't know you are an Aussie either, how lucky to have settled close to such good mini buddies. Your changes to the bathroom really add to the style and you did it so well, perfectly lined up and looks like it has always been there.

  19. The scrapbook is a wonderful gift and looks perfect on your lovely chair. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment on my blog it was much appreciated. I haven't read your blog before so I am having a lot of fun looking through it this evening.
    It must be so nice to meet up with like minded friends mine all think me a bit odd!!

  20. Beautiful gifts! Scrapbook about Paris is just wonderful. So many details. I don't have enough patience to finish real size scrapbook page and that's why that miniature strikes my attention the most! Merry Christmas! Mini hugs, Natalia