Saturday, October 24, 2015

French House Salon

 French House: le salon

Greetings All. In my last post I talked about making climbing roses. I am sure you are all tired of seeing that photograph. I was on a push to complete the house to display it at the West Coast Miniature Show on June 7.  I seem to work best under pressure as after dithering for many months ... or was it years I hunkered down in my workroom, burned the midnight oil and met the deadline. Sighs of relief all round! "This must mean it is finished!" naively handy husband remarked.

To make a long story short - it sort of, kind of, almost felt finished!!! Well finished enough to enter it into the show, after all we do it for fun don't we?   I had not anticipated the fierce competitive spirit displayed by my besty friend and mini buddy Elizabeth. Thank goodness Fatima's house was not ready or we might have come to three-way blows!

No, just joking .... but we were neck in neck in the final count and then .... and then .... darn, you suspected it already  came in as Best in Show for Green Dolphin Street and I was a lowly first.    It was an exciting day though and the first time that anyone but the Miniteers or family had seen The French House.

I did show you my progress on the book case for the salon and now I want to share the end result of my work on the salon.  

 Maid in China print anchores the side table and brings attention to the blue ginger jar. The fireplace does work and throws quite a satisfactory glow in the evenings.

Chair and round table added to library area. 

Chinoiserie baby-cupboard.

Lattice rug, can you see through it? It is a stencil. I was thinking of painting the pattern on the floor but I liked it just the way it is.

Settee with same fabric cushions and book coffee table. Ceiling texture was made by painting over a plastic doily and then removing it as the paint solidified.

Chairs and settee Bespac.

Ginger jars on the mantle - two make reference to the colour of the reading chair.

Suitcases and magazines under the sideboard. Swan set of drawers on left by Bespac. Swans on furniture were a nod to Empress Josephine's interest in them.

Painting leaning against fireplace, more books.

More books and orchid on side board.  Napoleon on horseback under the glass dome.

 Table set for a visit from granddaughter who has bought finds from nature in her basket. French doll by Ethel Hicks.

Petit four on pedestal tray by StudioEMiniatures, Clarice Cliff style pottery vase by Margaret Crosswell of Tasmania. Cup and saucer by Monique, teapot Christopher Whitford.

We had a long and sunny summer in British Columbia this year. The humans appreciated it but with lack of rain and water restrictions our gardens suffered somewhat.

Now transitioning from Fall to winter. The days are growing shorter and great flocks of sea birds are migrating south.  What a good idea.

regards to all, Janine


  1. Hooray! At last. Janine the painting over the table is wonderful. Really brings out all of the wonderful ginger jars you have collected. I can't believe that the ceiling turned out so amazing. I love it. The carpet makes such a statement and a stencil? Wow. After all this time and I did not know at all. Congrats on making the beautiful luggage. You did it. You wanted and you made it. They are great. Also see the wonderful laid out table with some of Elizabeth's new petit four pedestal. They look very yummy and a great preview to some of her new work.
    And by the way....I'm glad I didn't have my house finished for 2015 show. I don't think I could have competed with both of you....whew!!!

  2. So many wonderful details! It would have been an absolute delight to see both of these works of art in person! Bravo! :D

  3. Hi Janine! I simply ADORE your stacked leather luggage and the collection of old books which you've piled high under the table .... Very Effective! The scale of the new painting, and the boldness of it's color provides an ideal backdrop for your neutral reading chair with its new cushion, not to mention how wonderfully it ties your porcelain collection together.... Great choices all around! :D I also LOVE how you have framed and placed the smaller painting on the floor, leaning against the fireplace; a Delightful little detail that really rounds out that corner.
    Glad to see that the tray of mini treats came in handy as well as the tiny pine cones. ;P
    I have to add that one of my favorite things about your parlor is the fact that it has 2 well defined reading areas and that books are to be found at either end, with plenty of room for any formal entertaining taking place in the middle. This makes your room feel casual, relaxed, and Very User Friendly.
    Books are like "old friends" and I know just how much you enjoy BOTH, and so it makes it very easy to picture a mini YOU reading and relaxing within this Quietly Elegant Room.
    The only question then would be... sitting in which chair, although I think I can guess :))

    BEAUTIFULLY Done My Friend!


  4. The French House is really beautiful Janine. I love all the details; in particular the Maid in China print, the table made of books, the stencil floor, the luggage...there's just so much detail to enjoy. It was interesting to see each stage as the room filled up because inevitably, you miss seeing something when you view it from one aspect. Thank you for sharing your mini home =0)

  5. Wow, Janine, I Love all the details in this room! It has such a comfortable feel and a lived-in feel.... can I move in? LOL! I also loved seeing the "time lapse" sense of the room slowly filling... as Pepper said.... you can see the beginnings and how all the pieces add to the total effect. Such a Lovely house! It deserved the award it won at the show...... especially after working so hard on that gorgeous Rose!!!
    Winter is closing in .... we are "hunkering down" over here in the Northeast! I really hope you have more mini projects in the "Works".... your work is so rich and inviting and a pleasure to view!!!

  6. It's a very beautiful rrom with many interesting details.

  7. Looks great Janine. Beautiful rich vintage colours you've used and a great selection of accessories really tell a story. This feels like a room for relaxing in.

  8. A beautiful room, Janine. So much to look at, I appreciate the way you gradually built up the room, we wouldn't have been able to see everything otherwise.

  9. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful photos! It's very interesting to see the room furnished little by little. So many great pieces in this room.

  10. That is a lovely room Janine, thank you for sharing and doing it the way you did, that was really nice and gives proper attention to all parts and details. It must have been a lot of work, but it's worth the great result!

  11. I so enjoyed this post! It was lovely to look at the pictures showing the details in layers. I'd love a book coffee table in real life, just like that one!

  12. Can't believe I've just found your post. How have I missed it? Your salon is just fantastic. I am so honoured to have seen it before and now - WOW! I love every little detail. Please can I come and see it again in December/January?
    I think you may have started a wonderful trend by showing the room gradually filling up. Well done!

  13. I greatly enjoyed how you showed us the room taking shape. What a clever way to show us all of the room and highlight the pieces as they were added. I'm sure that took a lot of work to stage and photograph, thank you.

    The room is lovely. My favorite part is how each piece has its own substance, but yet they all work together as a whole while maintaining their identities, without bending together and washing each other out.

    I bought a stencil very similar to yours, if not the same, thinking I'd use it on a ceiling one day. How smart of you to use it on the floor.


  14. Hi Janice! The French House is wonderful, it looks so real and enjoyable. a hug, Marisa

  15. I love the airy feel of this room! The colors play well of one another and evokes "mood." I would love to take tea and have a quiet chat with a wise old friend here.
    Congrats on 1st place!