Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Slaveing over a hot desk!

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

How nice to greet you once again, but how quickly this season has come around. In many parts of the world Christmas is well under way.

Here in my miniature Swedish House in my imagination friends have been invited to come by to enjoy Fika.

Fika, pronounced Feeka, is a relaxing social time in which one partakes in coffee and cake. The food is not important but the concept of companionable time together is almost a ritual.

A perfect blue-sky day and crisp air carries their voices to give hosts plenty of time to prepare hot coffee and chocolate to accompany cinnamon buns and cookies.

A dry but light snow has fallen.

The old sled is packed with gifts.


Take your boots off - hang up your sweater and scarf and come inside to warm up!

There's lots of wood for the fire...

I see the FarFar and MorFar (Grandfathers) have been sitting in the sun comparing wines. ... too early for vodka?

They will need to light the candles soon.

It does look warmer inside.

Again in my imagining the events in my Swedish House - tonight these same friends, neighbours and others will arrive to enjoy each other's company and eat together.

Please consider yourself invited... the door will be open. God Jul.

Merry Christmas All.
This is just a temporary seasonal scene for my miniature house. I do imagine it as a renovated family farmhouse located on one of the small islands off the coast of Sweden.  It is always helpful to be able to set a location and history for a miniature house to better create a theme for the interior furnishings and accessories.

The dusting of snow is grainy salt, I do hope I can brush it out of the slate tiles!

The sled was made following directions on YouTube -
Miniature Sled by Tiny Clay Charm, the skis from photos from a blog that I cannot seem to link for you, named Gennaio

A great tutorial for the Nordic sweater hanging up in the foyer (plus many other tutorials): http://www.studioeminiatures.blogspot.ca

Cinnamon buns and cookies, white poinsettia, Christmas stocking beside sled, gold-wrapped gifts and buffalo check-blankets by Elizabeth of StudioE.

White bench seat inside foyer by Norma: http://www.makeminemini.blogspot.com

Also .... I am sorry that I no longer seem to be able to leave comments on blogs. It has been quite frustrating.
Also .... I have an Instagram Account on which I sometimes feature my miniature works, travels and gardening. You can find me at Wordsworth502018 
I do not believe you need an Instagram account to drop by - simply type Instagram wordsworth502018 to visit.

I do hope you may find comfort and joy in this Christmas season.
Regards Janine


  1. Dear Janine, Your Swedish House is the Perfect setting for such seasonal celebrations as Fika!! And your collection of treasures to display is lovely to behold! I am so glad you have posted again (one never knows where World travelers have wandered off to!) But knowing you are having trouble leaving comments is both helpful and disheartening! I have been having trouble Replying to comments (on my own blog)even trouble getting to my comments to read them for many months now. I have been too "busy" to address the issue and keep hoping it will "get better" with every new upgrade "they" make in the systems! We have become so dependent on our computers, I feel frustrated, but at the same time really Really glad there are mini bloggers out there still posting! Well, I hope your Holidays are filled with the Joy of Family! And may your mini posts continue! :):):)

  2. Your Swedish house is so inviting the neighbors will have to stand in line for the Feeka. Fantastic details. I love all.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Hugs, Drora

  3. I'm so glad to have been able to celebrate Fika at your house, everything was perfect. You created perfect scenes and they are so welcoming. Seeing your photos I could see the cold outside and the warmth coming into the house.

  4. I have RE-PINNED EVERY PHOTO, Janine- they are Absolutely FABULOUS!!!!
    You can actually "feel" the cold, and "see" your breath hanging in the air outside, as you approach through the snow; up onto the patio to enjoy the Fika, before entering the enclosed porch to sit and take off my sweater, scarf and boots!
    The warmth exuding from the other side of the red front door, is in stark contrast to the cooler atmosphere of the porch and patios, and you have translated them both to a "T"- BEAUTIFULLY DONE, my friend! :D
    Wishing you and each of your family members Your BEST CHRISTMAS Yet:


  5. What a wonderful surprise to see a post. It is so charming. Very much a "Janine" house and scene! Your efforts in putting this little vignette together is well worth the effort! Perfect!

  6. Hello, Janine - How nice it is to see a post from you! I've enjoyed learning about Fika and some of the Swedish Christmas customs. The exterior details of the Swedish house seem so realistic - I can almost feel that crispy cold air! The grainy salt makes a perfect dusting of snow, and the red door is so welcoming - yes, I would like to come inside, please!

  7. Great job, so many wonderful details to study. Great photos too! Thanks for sharing your ideas.