Tuesday, January 7, 2020

2020 .... how did that happen?

2020 ... how did that happen?

Cups and plates: Sam Dunlap - cherry pies by Janet Uyetake

Greetings All and best wishes for a safe, healthy and happy 2020. 2020 has quite a ring to it.

This year it was the “outlaws” turn to have the sons and families for Christmas Day ... we celebrated later and enjoyed being together under one roof.  The Grandchildren had a wild time especially , participating in a Treasure Hunt that handy husband Bruce had spent hours formulating.
He colour-coded clues, then tailored each hunt taking into consideration the age and interests of each child. He even laminated same clues before hiding them in the often rainy outdoors. It kept him busy for half a day! (That’s a good thing!)

Four very excited, red-cheeked children arrived back into the house to find their final clues hanging on the tree. The eldest, now 13, voted it “epic” and the other three asked if Grandpa could do it again next year!

It was a brief break from the Swedish House but now in the quiet, short, wet and dark days of a BC winter the Swedish House is receiving some well needed attention! Once again for my Christmas gift B has committed to do my bidding on mini projects. Thank you B

He is relegated to a square foot of space while I have fun doing some table tops for a change-of-scene in the living mini room. I did offer him the desk but he refused. It’s nice working together while the music fills the room and my heater clicks on and off keeping us very cozy in my small workroom.

Teapot, cups/saucers/plates Sam Dunlap, Cherry pie servings: Janet Uyetake

Teapot, Cups and saucers: Musselmalet

Breads: Elizabeth http://www.studioeminiatures.blogspot.com, Flowers: Linda http://lindasminiworld.blogspot.com Ham by Janet Uyetake on Sam Dunlap platter, Musselmalet cheese server cover.

Dinner plates by Sam Dunlap and food by Janet Uyetake.

Desserts and strawberries by Elizabeth of StudioEMiniatures. The little reindeer cookies are amazing! Strawberries are displayed in small crackle bowl by Elizabeth Causeret.

One day I will fill the mini dining room table to show you all the amazing food Elizabeth has gifted to me over the years. We met early in the 1980’s but minis did not bring us together till the early 1990’s, so now you know why I have so much of Elizabeth’s work in The French and now Swedish Houses.

Do blog to let us know what is happening in your lives ... not only minis!  I like
 to use Instagram but reading a blog is so much more interesting and often offers some clever solutions and insight as how to resolve problems we all experience.

Regards to all.


  1. Your grandchildren are very lucky to have such a grandpa. Your displays on the table are great.

  2. Happy New Year to you too! Thank you for the blogging reminder, the blogs of all of you very talented miniaturist are so inspiring and instructional for us "newbies". I do love to see the progress on the Swedish House- it is coming along and beautiful!

  3. Your grandchildren have super grandparents!
    I love the food and tableware. Each display is simply stunning.

  4. Hi Janine (and Bruce). So great to see some work going on with the Swedish house. Also glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas and the epic treasure hunt sure does sound fun. Happy 2020. I hope it is a great year for you. Xx

  5. Having the grandchildren declare the Treasure Hunt as 'EPIC" and request their Beloved grandpa to "do it again next year", must have thrilled your Trusty-man to pieces! What an Absolute Treasure Bruce is! :D
    Glad also to see him working again on Your Treasure in miniature too Janine! :D
    And of course I LOVE each of your table displays of foods and your Amazing collection of fine china!!!
    And let me say that not only has 1980-2020 has flown by, but being friends with you and Bruce, has been one of the Quiet Steady Blessings in my life,
    so Thank You my friend and Very Happy New Year to you too!
    Bon Appetit! ❤️


  6. I hope your beautiful grandchildren know that they have the BEST grandparents in the world. And I know you know how lucky you are to have Bruce! Your tablescapes are delicious. Can't wait to see more. Elizabeth's food is indeed fabulous! Happy 2020 to all of you.

  7. A treasure hunt?!? That is so cool and something the kids are going to remember fondly forever!!! Bruce is a special grandpa!
    What fun to see all of the mini treasures from all of the amazing artisans! I can imagine how fun it is to rediscover and set them up for these charming mini scenes!
    The Swedish House is looking just lovely! I hope you'll share lots more with us in 2020!

  8. The treasure hunt sounds fantastic! How lovely the tables look with wonderful food, crockery and accessories.

  9. Well...I'm surprised! Just came by to see if per chance you had uploaded something ...and there it was!
    I should check in more often. What a wonderful way to do Christams with the Grandies...
    Love your settings. Your table settings look so good! Learning a lot about Swedish style. Can't wait to see more.