Sunday, February 7, 2010


The bathroom is unfinished but I will not do anything more to it before I pack everything away once again. I did make a brass type circular shower rail and curtain and I did have a paisley dressing gown draped on the hook on the door (not visible as the door is open). I have put the dressing gown aside as looking at it through the lens of the camera it seemed too distressed. I think that it may be because the soft blue paisley pattern had a beige shadowing.
I have lots of Chanel style bottles, jars of shells and ornamentation to go on the plate rail around the bathroom. I also plan to place a collection of ornamental mirrors on the wall with the door. I have quite a few made from earring backs etc and they looked quite interesting when I stuck them on with blue tack. My goal is to make the rooms look as if we just missed seeing someone pass through the rooms.
I think that the scale of the taps for the bath and the sink are too large. Perhaps I will paint the body and feet of the bath a different colour? Does anyone have an opinion on the scale of the taps?


  1. Your house is lovely! My opinion about the taps is that yes perhaps the basin taps do look a little on the large size - could they be meant to be bath taps perhaps?? As for the ones on the bath I think they look ok.

    BTW I found your blog from your comment on Liberty Biberty - glad I did :)

  2. Thanks for commenting on my cottage pics. Don't you hate it when the people who manufacture pieces like your basin don't think properly about scale. I bought a modern style kitchen set recently and the sink has only one tap! Now who on earth would think that was a good idea??? Personally I wouldn't stress too much about your basin taps unless they are really annoying you. A real size vintage bathroom fitting could certainly have taps that we would now consider too big.

    We're having some major work done on the NZ cottage bathroom (details on my blog later) and I'd love to put in one of those high on the wall toilet flush cisterns like your mini one but it's just not going to be practical :(

  3. So very wonderful all the things you made and the furnitur,WOW! you made this??