Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dining Room:

Furniture, once again, is Bespaq. I had a frenzy of buying Bespaq at the Seattle Dollhouse Show in 1992. I was very new to doing miniature scale and so little was available in Vancouver I decided to buy as much as I could afford when I found it. The cupboards house a collection of porcelain china and glassware collected over a few years. Miniature items are so readily available now through the internet it definitely favours a small world.
I took the glass shelves out of the cabinet and painted it. I used prints from a book and papered the interior backs. I arranged the displays on clear perspex (think plastic sheet material) .and glued them into place.
The flooring in the dining room was made with a thin coat of drywall mud applied to heavy card. The mud was painted to approximate sandstone then cut into 20mm squares and applied individually. The living area and entry was made in a similar way but the drywall was scored to create diamond tiles with edging. This process worked very well and looks realistic. It is easy to do some sample boards to practice to get texture and colouring. I wish I had kept a diary when I was working on things as a record of paint colours and techniques would have been helpful.
View of dining room shows through into the entry stairwell. Chairs still to be upholstered and table top detailed.

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