Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This is for all those in northern climes who are suffering from light and warmth deprivation.
Imagine our boat gently rocking at anchor, warm breezes wafting from a small island atoll. I'm below, staying out of the midday sun.... but preparations are underway for a trip to shore. I must wear my large panama hat (bought in Ecuador), cover up with gauzy long-sleeved shirt (made in India, but probably bought in Australia), my sandals are necessary after standing on a buried cactus in the sands of the Sea of Cortez Mexico. I pack a large bottle of water and several small empty jars with lids. I'm ready.... I jump into the dinghy and motor to shore for an hour or so of shell seeking. Other cruisers in the bay soon succumb to curiousity and meander ashore as the shadows lengthen.
How can I sit in one place for so long? How can I see the shells? Actually the longer I am there the smaller shells I find. As with anything, once you have the proper focus the clearer things become.
I am one of you longing for warmer days. Despite the wishes for snow here in Vancouver for the Olympics, we find that nature has decided to be fickle and snowdrops abound along with a haze of pink in the cherry trees.
The little sea urchin was found in the Tuamotos Islands and the shells (and many more) were gathered across the Pacific. The cranberry glass compote is mouth blown and may be a Phil Grenyer.... not sure as I have had it for many years.


  1. So beautiful! Do you have a Flickr gallery, or any other online gallery that archives all the photos from your dollhouse?

  2. Beautiful collection of Tiny Shells.
    Here's the link to Phil's Site:-
    Welcome to the blogosphere looking forward to seeing the rest of your Mini Treasures..xx

  3. Beautiful! And what a journey you have made. Looking forward to read more.