Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The bombe chest displays a collection of trophys... acquired from board games and a sterling silver charm (tarnished) pair of binoculars. The print framed above reminded me of photos of my husband when he was a child.

I am not sure what most people use for their pillows. I like to use canary gravel... it is clean and slumps in a most satisfactory way creating a nice shape in a pillow. I used fibrefill in the white covered bed pillows.

Of course, more of the decorated linens.

Close up of the desk shows vanity trays, filled with bead bottles and a commercial vanity set that reminded me of the old bakelite sets. The lamp is wired, picture frame is part of a broach jewellery finding.


  1. Love the glimpse through the window, love the things on the cabinet, love the desk/dresser, love the chair and the linen - guess I just love it all!! :)

  2. Hello again,
    Sorry for not responding to your message earlier; It is possible for me to drag any picture from your blog to my mac and publish it. I have been very busy with a 1:1 project, but your lovely blog with these outstanding items deserves to have loads of followers. Hopefully a lot more will be "enlighten" and amazed like me!!!
    Lovely work Janine

  3. Thanks to Synnøve's post I came to see your blog. I need more time to check out your blog, but what I have seen so far is wonderful! I am really enjoying the photographs with gorgeous settings and beautiful miniatures. I am very glad you are sharing them with us. Thank you!
    And oh yes, I use the same filling for my pillows as you do...for the same reason ;-)

  4. I came to your site via Synnove's blog as well and am enjoying what I'm seeing. Still to have a good look round - the photos are great!

  5. I also found your blog thanks to Synnove's blog-post. You have such amazing treasures, pretty things and creations showing on your blog! Thank you for sharing your pictures and story's, I truly enjoy them, very inspiring!

  6. Hi, amazing blog. Beautiful pictures. Still have to read the rest ;-)

  7. Your blog is just a wonderful treat! I have made myself a cup of tea and sit down to read every post you put on your blog so far! Your pictures are amazing and I love your settings! I put you on my site bar with beautiful blogs,so I will not miss anything new you are posting about!


  8. that wonderful house! thanks for bringing show!
    welcome home! eight years in the boat have been exciting, but long .... do not you miss the sea?
    kisses from Italy

  9. Hello,I came here too through Synnove's blog and as always she has not exaggerated .Your miniature collection is awful and all is looking very real and lovely assembled.Hope to see more of it.So I bookmarke you on my blog;-) Jeannette

  10. What a beautiful blog and miniature rooms! I have also scrolled down and enjoyed all your other posts so much!
    Your trip must have also been amazing. :) Where in Canada do you live? I live in Richmond B.C.

  11. Hi Janine!
    I searched his name but could not find in your profile, but I do not know how, then I found it!
    Thanks for your words to my city and my work.
    I've seen you've sailed a lot, maybe you've known Buenos Aires?
    Today I discovered your blog, and I really enjoyed your work.
    Congratulations to you!
    Hugs and affection,

    PS: I have used mechanical translator.