Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I do like to take photos through the windows as this technique automatically frames the scene.
The far end of the bird room contains a chaise where the lady of the house can indulge herself in a couple of her hobbies - reading is one, the other restoring old linens that she collects wherever she can find them. Her criteria is that they are of good quality and have faggoting or lace trim, preferable both. Lemon and salt paste and sunshine fade rust and most stains. The lace is another matter as it often needs replacing or careful repairing.

White tulips presently adorn the pie top work table so it must be spring! Note the little tape measure, pin cushion and reels of thread with scissors. In Canada the tomato shaped pin cushion is an old standard. You may recognize the framed print on the interior wall as "Woman with Parrot" by Edouard Manet 1866, presently in the New York Metropolitan Museo.
Perhaps I could use a rubber stamp and put a bird on the plain cushion.
There is a bird cage on the top of the armoire, unfortunately it suffered a bit in storage and I had to trim part of it away.

This room contains a lot less than the other rooms due the the strength of the wallpaper. I hope it remains tranquil but lived in.


  1. It is a really lovely room and I specially love the furniture!!!
    The wallpaper is very nice and as you say ; one needs to keep everything more tidy and clutter-free. You have created a calm and cosy atmosphere. I would love to sleep in the comfortable bed and sit by the widow chair admiring the old linen!!!
    Synnøve x

  2. It is a beautiful room and I love the photo taken through the window. Everything is perfect.

  3. It really is a lovely room from all angles :) The birdcage is delightful, and having been 'trimmed' seems to add to its character and charm.

  4. So many beauties!! I love the way you have decorated the door too..

  5. Such a restful and pretty room, I really like that you´ve kept the furniture without paint. Love the pattern on the fabric on the chair, and I love the story about the woman and her collecting habbits :0)

  6. ...and I like to peek through windows...
    You've got some beautiful furniture, especially the armoire and the pie-crust table. Love the wood on that. Oh, and the bed...and the bird cage. And the chair. Well everything really. Very pretty wallpaper too. I like the plain wooden furniture against the floral pattern.

  7. I think, iot is in all of us to peek through windows!

    It is fantastic to have a peek in this little and very perfect house!!!


  8. It's just perfect, I want to move in :) I love the fabrics and wallpaper and the bed - it's sooo nice. As is the chair. And everything :D


  9. Hello
    Thank you for the nice comment on my blog!
    Today I was admiring your house - so many
    beautiful treasures and the furnitures have
    such fine colours and finishes! I tried to
    think of a favourite room, but I couldn´t
    choose - every room has its own charm, and
    I am really looking forward to see more of your photos!

    Eva J