Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Door to Outdoors

To door or not to door:

I tried to convince myself that it was too much trouble to remove the window. The windows gave symmetry to the wall, how could I balance a single door against the weight of  windows with shutters and how could I match the stucco if it was damaged.  I knew the electrical tape would have to be cut but after checking the original electrical plan realised it was the end of a run. Most importantly - I thought I was finished with that wall of the house!!

Whatever excuse I thought up it did not help. I really knew I had to take out the window and put in a door to access the walled courtyard.

This is how it all started.

So sad, removal of the louvres damaged the wall.

The floor is damaged too!

Mmmm starting to like that damaged stucco look!

I can tell already that the space is looking better!

Just add trim and the door... and door hardware, of course. Cute little lever on the inside and knob on the outside - both with a little escutchion made from a jewellery finding. Thanks Bruce.

Cleo, the cat, likes it and I do too!

The photographs make it look a simple project!

What do you think? Was it worth the effort?
Regards Janine


  1. A me piace molto. Pensa che io ho l' intenzione di cominciare a costruire prima il cortile e poi la casa, proprio per evitare di non trovare una porta....:D!!!

  2. What a great shot!!!! The door actually allows in MORE light and makes the kitchen airy and bright. Was it worth the effort? For results like this, the answer is YES!

  3. I like the door, but now from experience that it is hard work. But the end result looks very good!
    Miniature greetings

  4. AMAZING!!! Well done! It must have been SO daunting but when you have an idea that's a good idea, it simply won't leave you alone until you try it out.
    It's funny about the stucco - I genuinely thought it was already there but hidden behind the shutter LOL I love it and it really addes to the rustic feel.

  5. Such an improvement, you did right in putting in the door. The picture looks almost like 1:1... :0)

  6. Hello Janine,
    I think the room demands to have a door there. It just looks right visually and it really makes the flow of the space work. Your skills are could never tell there was a looks like the door was always there.
    Absolutely terrific. You always impress.
    Big hug,

  7. Was it worth it? Absolutely, I say! Any homeowner would love to have a kitchen with a door to the garden. Just think of those lovely lazy sunny breakfasts you could have out there, and lunches, and dinners! It looks fantastic!

    I missed a lot of you previous posts, I have just been through them. Great tip about the stapling-soldering! I will have to remember that!

  8. I think it was worth it! it looks great!


  9. It certainly was worth it. You have a lot of courage to have undertaken that but it makes such a huge difference. It makes more sense also to able to access the garden from the house. More like real life. Wish I could shrink myself and sit in your little garden! Also, cook and bake in that lovely kitchen!

  10. It's gorgeous and very realistic! Bravo!

  11. Yes yes yes! Totally worth it! It looks sooooo good!

  12. If it were my kitchen I would certainly have a door to the lovely garden, well done!

  13. Love it and definitely worth the effort. BTW the damaged wall looks good too,very realistic

  14. Hi Janine,

    WoW! Its been ages since I have had a look at your blog. I don't seem to get notifications of your posts.

    Your kitchen looks amazing and I think the door was the perfect idea. I noticed your post on some ones blog list and thought your kitchen was real, well done!

    Fi x

  15. WOW! It looks AMAZING! Very inspiring.

  16. Thank you! Now I have some more inspiration to my door!!

  17. Es simplemente perfecto y preciosa¡¡¡

  18. Wunderschöne Arbeit und tolle Foto`s!! Man kann den Sommer ja fast fühlen.....
    Draußen ist es heiß, innen noch schön angenehm.
    Ein Glas Weißwein, schön gekühlt....Käse dazu..einfach herrlich!!
    Liebe Grüße Mokiba

  19. You're a brave lady but it was certainly well worth it!