Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mini Gifts and Breakfast Trays

 Mini Gifts:

 This is my birthday gift from Elizabeth.  When I received it she had packaged it with cellophane and a red cookie star cookie cutter. The attached card had a picture of the items she had reproduced in miniature.

Recently she visited and while she and Bruce experimented with her little Elf camera I unpacked the little parcels she had bought for me.

A potted orange tree.

and a basket of breads...little Eiffel towers, buns, country breads and baguettes.

Elizabeth makes wonderful things in general. I think her breakfast trays are amazing. I own two that I am showing you once again.  I would love to collect more - but then I would be committed to doing a Bed and Breakfast Miniature House!

Note to self:  Finish one thing before beginning another.

So I show great restraint.

Did you notice the little chickadee bird under the flowers on the edge of the tray above?

If  you have enjoyed seeing some of her work, please link to her blog to see more of her trays, tutorials and other projects.

I try and have her visit us as often as possible. Wouldn't you!

regards Janine


  1. Good Morning Janine! I actually slept in this morning and awaken to this! Bruce has a magic touch. Many thanks to both of you for this re-gifting. By the way it is no hardshio paying visits to you. Whenever I go, it is like I'm going on a holiday. When I arrive at "Becalmed Cottage", I am warmly welcomed and made to feel right at home. When I'm on the road back home, I feel as refreshed as if I had been been away for weeks rather than just a day. I know that I'm not alone in feeling this way. You and Bruce are,and have always been; the Perfect Hosts!

  2. Dear Janine,
    What a nice gifts ! I also like it to see your studio.......;-)
    Greetings Dorien

  3. Fantasticos regalos!!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  4. Beautiful gifts, Janine! You are one lucky lady! I have joined Elizabeth's blog and looked at it a bit. Will go back tomorrow to finish reading it. She certainly is very talented. I could not get enough of admiring her perfume bottles!

  5. Janine, I came back to wish you a belated Happy Birthday! Wishing you a lovely year! Remember you're one year younger than you will be next year. That's what I've started telling myself when another birthday rolls around.

  6. Hello Janine,
    Happy Brithday! I wish you all the best.
    What wodnerful presents. Thank you for sharing Elizabeth's blog with us. her work is wonderful.
    Big hug,

  7. Happy B-day! Great presents and thank you for the tip about the electric system.

  8. Ohhhh, thank you for sharing! Her creations are amazing! :)

  9. Wonderful gifts. I have to look two times to see the little bird.
    Enjoy your treasurs!

  10. Thanks for your visit on my blog and your kind words!Your blog is wonderful.I´m a new follower now!

  11. What lovely gifts to receive and thanks for the link to Elizabeth's blog.

  12. Happy Birthday Janinie!!

    What a lovely gift!! And such a talented lady. Her breakfast trays are beautiful. Thank you for sharing Elizabeths blog with us.

    ML Fi xx

  13. Hi Janine! Happy Birthday! Those are incredible gifts. OMG! Elizabeth is so talented. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I'm totally amazed by her work. Enjoy your new minis!

  14. Found your site through Jazzi's Minis and I can't wait to browse through it!