Thursday, January 17, 2013

Distracting Projects


I admit it.  I'm easily distracted. In my defence - this is a hobby and I am supposed to be having fun!

To try and add character to this familiar plastic hour-glass dress form I cut tissue strips from the French language portion of an old pattern. I then decoupaged the tissue to the form and trimmed it with matching lace.

I've been considering planters for the courtyard. Over time I have picked up a few varieties of napkin holders from the Thrift Store.  These are a bargain at about .50 cents a box.  I like the shapes and would like to find some use for them.  The one in the foreground is my favourite.

I am enjoying rusting items so applied a little moss to the top of this teapot before I treated it.

Making roses..... still developing the best system for me.

Not quite right yet but I like the colour!

Where are your little projects taking you?


  1. WOWIE,WOWIE,WOWIE!!! The roses are Beautiful! and I LOVE the color, Janine. I'm soooo glad, That I'm your friend....??? That's friend with a capitol "F"! In other words, would you make some for me too, PLEASE?!!
    your FRIEND,


  2. Lovely mannequin, beautiful done! and rose...I love this color.
    Hugs, Magda

  3. Dear Janine,
    What a beautiful roses. Can you teach me how to make such beautiful roses? I've tried to use florist tape but I don't know how to use that stuff. Maybe my florist tape is over aged. It doesn't glue very well.
    Greetings Dorien

  4. Hello Janine,
    You really are incredibly talented! The dress form is great and I love your rusting technique. It looks great!
    I think the rose is looking pretty good too...I fear the day I will have to work on landscaping my project, but if I can a make a rose that looks half as good as yours I'll be beyond happy.
    Big hug,

  5. What a great way to start my day! Janine Blogged! Love the dress form and the rose is BEAUTIFUL! Such talent....I'm in such good company!

  6. Oh..and BTW I do believe I have a set of one of the napkin holders. Considering a transformation.

  7. Those are quite unique napkin holders you found. Your rose is so beautiful. I've never made any but when I do, I hope to succeed as well as you have. I would love to see the little teapot when you're finished with it. Take care!

  8. Es una maravilla la oxidación que has logrado, el maniquí precioso, felicidades:)

  9. Your little projects are fantastic. I love those napkin holders and your rose looks gorgeous. I'd like to see how the little teapot looks after your finished treatment.

    Hugs, Drora

  10. What a lovely idea to personalise the mannequin and your roses are just lovely. Beautiful colour too.

  11. I love all of the great inspirational ideas in this short post. :) I will have to keep my eyes open for napkin holders. I <3 your roses and the dress form!

  12. Hello Janine! Just looked up the David Austen Roses that I so love and found a shrub called "Lady Emma Hamilton" that has a strong resemblance to the lovely tangerine colored roses that you so generously gifted to me and Fats! These roses were named in honor of the lover of Admiral Lord Nelson's 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, where he defeated Napoleon's navy and the invasion of Great Britain by the France and Spain. I hope your mini family are pro-British and and not history buffs! (smiles)
    Bouquets to you!