Tuesday, January 15, 2019

I'm just having fun.

Hello Everyone,

The weather has been cold and wet... except for a couple of sunny days that pushed me out to the garden. I was tip toeing around as when the ground is soaked it is easy to compact the soil.

My snow drops are beginning to nod their heads. I lifted the skirt of the large rosemary to find them sheltered and almost in bloom. I was rewarded by not only the blooms but the fragrance of the rosemary. The Sarcococca is also in bloom near my front gate. The tiny blossoms give up such a heady fragrance it just makes you feel hopeful that Spring will arrive in due course.

Now Christmas is over and our three sons birthdays have been celebrated it was time to change the decor of the Swedish House.  I am not sure it is a Swedish House but it will continue to evolve until it settles into its location.

I built a simple settee. I imagined a small grandchild sleeping there - cozy beside the fire. This build has only one large bedroom so I thought I would try and include and extra sleeping space. It may not stay there.

Here it is with a rug I knitted on 00 circular needles with very, very fine wool.

Tea is served with cinnamon buns.  I read that in Sweden more cinnamon buns are eaten than in any other nation! Can it be true?

Handy husband Bruce asked me what I would like for Christmas and to fulfill that wish built a mora clock.

Just noticed the side bar is covering the clock. I will try to repeat pic at the end of the post. J.

The feast has been cleared away from the table but may return as I have accumulated, with contributions from my Miniteer friends, quite a collection of food.

A pot of daffodils have come in from the winter room at the front of the house.

I like the reflection of the chandelier in the window in the picture below.

The bedroom is next on the agenda!

Hope everyone in blog-o-sphere is finding time to enjoy their projects.

All the best.